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How to become a licensed barber in Alabama

Important Notice: There are a few categories of people that are prohibited from acquiring Barber Licenses from the Alabama Board of Barbers.

This list contains the names of people that have barber experience situated in a county which is on the state’s exemption list.

Any time after summer 2014, people that have been practicing hair styling for more than 10 years do not require licensing anymore.

Anyone who doesn’t fall in these two categories has to be legally licensed in Alabama.


According to the numbers acquired back in 2010 from the Labor Department, the whole state had 700 barbers with legal licenses.

The way to acquire a license is pretty simple and includes the following steps:

The barbering practices in the state of Alabama are set by the Alabama Board of Cosmetology and Barbering. These include:

  • Styling, trimming or shaving a beard
  • Hair styling and trimming
  • Massages, both facial and scalp
  • Giving facial or scalp treatments
  • Shampooing and conditioning the hair
  • Dyeing the hair
  • Straightening or Curling hair permanently

Alabama was the last state from all of United States to approve these barber licensing requirements, almost 4 years ago. Before this, many counties in Alabama used to license barbers based on their custom requirements. These counties consisted of:

  • Baldwin County
  • Jefferson County
  • Lauderdale County
  • Madison County
  • Mobile County

Step 1. A Formal Barber Program or Apprenticeship

Alabama’s governing bodies accept two methods towards attaining a barber license i-e an official barber graduate program or an apprenticeship.

To be eligible in attaining a license, you’ll have to go through a proper graduate program stretching to a time span of at least 1000 hours, that also from a registered barber school.

For the second route, you need to be an apprentice to a licensed barber which has held a license for at least five years and has been working in a licensed barber environment for 2 years. This apprenticeship has to cover at least 2000 hours of your time.

Step 2. Apply for Initial Registration in Alabama

After you are done with the degree or complete the apprenticeship time period, you have to apply for a starting registration by filling an Initial Registration Application and posting it to the Alabama Board. The following documents need to be attached with it at the time of posting:

  • $40 Processing fee( check or money order)
  • 2”x2” passport sized photo
  • A valid copy of Social Security Card
  • A valid copy of driver’s license

After the Alabama Board receives your first formal application, you’ll be updated on your eligibility status by the Board.

Note: All candidates desiring to be a barber in Alabama need to be more than 16 years of age and should have cleared 10th standard schooling.

Step 3. Clear the Final Licensing Exam

After you acquire an approval from the Barber board, you have to appear in two examinations, physical and written. Clearing them is a necessity to get your license.

The barber examinations have been outsourced by the Board and are conducted by PSI and LLC services. Written exam has to be cleared first and after that you’re allowed to sit in a practical examination as well. You can contact and get your written exam scheduled all by yourself right after you receive the Board’s approval.

Contacting and scheduling an exam through PSI has been made very easy through an automated process. You can visit their website at or register by calling 1-800-733-9267. These are the areas with PSI examination centers:

  • Birmingham
  • Huntsville
  • Mobile
  • Montgomery

All candidates are handed out their scores right after they’re done with the exam. The Alabama Board gets the examination data through NIC of Boards of Cosmetology. You can find examination method details on

After you complete and pass the theoretical exam, you have to put forth a registration for the practical test with the PCS. Visit this link or apply by calling 1-888-822-3272. NIC is utilized for the practical exam as well.

These are the areas where practical examinations can be attempted:

  • North Alabama
  • Mobile
  • Birmingham
  • Montgomery

Latest dates of practical exams can be found here.

Unlike the written exam, you are sent an official score notice from the Board stating your practice examination result. The Board will send you a letter of congratulations along with payment details of the license fee if you clear the practical examination. An Alabama Barber’s license is issued immediately after the fee is received.

Step 4. Renew Barber License Regularly and Find a Job

Your barber license must be renewed every two years by the last day of your birth month. Renewals are made online at The cost of renewal is $80. There are no continuing education requirements for barbers in Alabama.

Opportunities to rent a booth or chair may be found in established salons and barbershops. Just a few of the top barbershops found throughout Alabama include:

The Barber license has to be renewed after 24 months. It has to be done before the last date of your birth month. The renewal process can also be availed online at Renewing the license each time will cost you a sum of $80.

There are various opportunities for newly recruited barbers. You can rent a booth or open a shop on your own. A salon chair can be found in many well established barbershops around the state. Some recommended barbershop options are:

  • Don’s Barber & Styling Shop, Tuscaloosa
  • Tight Cuts, Hoover
  • The Beach Barber, Orange Beach
  • Allstar Barber, Huntsville
  • Uptown Barber Shop, Foley
  • Becca’s Barber Shop, Birmingham
  • Hair Artistry Salon and Barber Styling, Birmingham


Barber License Program
Service Type
Barber License Program
Provider Name
Real Cutz Barber School,
Brimingham, AL
Real Cutz was established by two young men by the name of Billy Gaines and Bobby Berry who have over 40 years of experience. Four years later after having a successful career, they decided to give back to the community by opening The Real Cutz Barber School. Nine months later they graduated their first class of six and opened their second barbershop. Realizing their purpose in life helping others, they became a pillar and have been a blessing in their community.