Barber Schools in Arizona

barber-schools-arizonaAll of the barber licensing in Arizona region is controlled by the Arizona Board of Barbers.

The Board aims to take care of public’s welfare and well-being by imposing a set of rules and laws upon barbers and all barbering activities throughout the state.

The Arizona Board considers all barbers as legally licensed professionals who carry out procedures mentioned in the list below to improve a person’s appearance:

  • Styling, dressing or trimming hair
  • Massaging, manipulating, cleansing, or applying oils, lotions or other preparations
  • Waving or changing the tone of hair
  • Dyeing, coloring, tinting, bleaching, or singeing the hair
  • Working with hair attachments, hairpieces, wigs, and extensions
  • Trimming, styling or shaving the beard
  • Providing optimal skincare

If you think you’re ready to become a professional barber in Arizona. These are the steps to follow:

Step 1. Acquire a Degree from a Licensed Barber School

First of all, you have to take a barber program and complete it successfully from a licensed barber school in the state. The school must fulfill all licensing requirements set by the Arizona Board of Barbers.

A list of licensed barber schools in Arizona can be seen here. The Arizona board doesn’t consider any kind of apprenticeship as alternative to the school program.

The school program must stretch to 1500 hours and shall have teachings based on the following topics:

  • At least 250 hours in the study of:
    • basics of barbering
    • Sanitation and Hygiene
    • Bacteriology
    • Histology of the skin, hair, nerves, and muscles
    • Structure of the skull and neck
    • Sterilization and antiseptics, diseases of the hair, skin, and glands
  • At least 1,250 hours in the study of:
    • Massaging and relaxing muscles of the scalp, face, and neck
    • Hair trimming
    • Shaving and chemical work related to permanent waves and hair straightening
    • Coloring and bleaching

Step 2. Apply for Licensure as a Barber in Arizona

Upon completion of a school program in barber training, you are automatically eligible to apply for a license at the Arizona Barber’s Board. Make sure you have the following when applying for licensure in Arizona:

  • School education till 10th grade, at least.
  • Graduation degree for a licensed barber school.
  • Valid Social Security card.

You have to send the Board a filled and signed license application. Alongside the application, a $140 fee proof also needs to be attached. The cost of examination is included in this sum.

A license application form can be acquired from the Board at any time simply by calling 602-542-4498.

After the Board receives your licensure application, it will review it for your eligibility status and you’ll soon be notified about it.

Step 3. Clear the Required Examinations for Licensure in Arizona

To become a professionally licensed barber in Arizona, you’ll have to appear in and pass a set of written and practical examination designed by the Arizona Board of Barbers. Your knowledge upon the following aspects will be tested.

  • Hygiene and sanitation practices for different barbering activities.
  • Handling of all solid and chemical equipment involved in barbering.
  • Cutting, styling and improving hair, both facial and on the head.

While on the other hand, the written exam is completely based upon questions on topics that are taught during Barber school programs.

A minimum score of 75% is required in the examination, both written and practical. These exams are scheduled regularly with a gap of 3 months in Phoenix and Tucson. The latest examination schedule can be viewed here.

A license will be issued without any further delays once you clear both these examinations.

Step 4. Renew Your Barber’s License Regularly and Find Job Opportunities

Barber licenses in Arizona have to be renewed every couple of years. The license expires on its holder’s birth date. For instant renewal, acquire a renewal form and spend $80 as renewal fee.

The state of Arizona does not require any study continuation from barbers. However, they are well encouraged to increase their skill sit and stay up to date through seminars or trade shows related to the styling industry.

There are tons of job opportunities in the Arizona state. Barbers can be utilized in different places like barbershops, beauty salons, hotels and even resorts. A barber can also try his luck at a cosmetology shop with a barber’s license.

Moreover, legally licensed barbers in Arizona can also get their licenses transferred to other states if they wish. Arizona has been given license transferring rights by 28 other states.





Barber License Program
Service Type
Barber License Program
Provider Name
Universal Barber College,
Phoenix. AZ
Universal Barber College is owned by Arthur D. and Barbara Knox. The school has been in operation since March 1995. The barber styling course is designed and taught by Arthur D. Knox, Sr. who has over 25 experience as both a Barber Stylist and Barber Instructor. Mrs. Knox has over 25 years experience in management with training programs. On July 25, 2001, Mr. Knox was appointed to the Arizona Board of Barbers by Governor Jane D. Hull.