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barber-schools-arkansasHow to get a barber license in Arkansas

Arkansas is one of the states where barbers are consistently increasing in number each year.

According to the state licensing board, close to 3000 licenses were both issued and renewed in 2016, and just over a thousand barbershop licenses were granted.

Barbering is a growing profession in the field of beauty and health care. A typical barber should be good at grooming its client’s hair style, facial hair and taking care of the scalp.

A barber works professionally to style, trim, straighten or color hair or beards.

All barber related issues have been dealt by the Arkansas State Board of Barber Examiners since its creation in 1937. The Board is responsible for all kinds of licensing, registrations and examinations. All the study curriculum is also governed by this organization.

To get licensed as a barber in Arkansas, these are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1. Complete a Barber Education Program

In case you wish to become a professional barber, the first thing you’ll need to do is to acquire formal education for it. Register yourself in one of the barber education programs from a licensed barber school and complete 1500 hours of study.

Any barber program from a reputed cosmetology institute would consist of the following topics and areas of study:

  • Background and history
  • Hygiene and cleanliness
  • Barbering implementation
  • Bacteriology, sterilization, and sanitation
  • Honing and stropping
  • Scalp, hair treatments and skin
  • Skin diseases and disorders
  • Electric equipment handling
  • Chemistry
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • State laws regarding barber activities
  • Scientific fundamentals of barbering

Practical grooming and training of barber program students are based on the following topics:

  • Trimming and shaving
  • Shampooing and rinsing
  • Facial care and massage
  • Bleaching and coloring the hair
  • Hair shaping
  • Hair curling and styling
  • Singeing
  • Hair straightening
  • Hair clipping
  • Safety precautions regarding client

Cosmetology Crossover Program

Arkansas offers exclusive opportunities to cosmetologists and hairstylists wishing to become barbers. The cosmetology crossover program has been designed by the Board of licensed cosmetologists that want to become licensed barbers.

All licensed cosmetologists can register themselves for a barber study program that’s been approved by the board. The program is usually stretched to a duration of either 6 months (maximum) or 100 hours.

After you complete the study program, a temporary work permit and alongside student’s license is issued. This gives you an opportunity to work under a licensed barber and improve your barber skills.

A total of 600 work study hours needs to be completed with testing after each 100 hours.

Once you successfully complete the crossover program, you can take the State Board’s barber examination in any of its sessions.

Step 2. Apply for an Arkansas Barber Technician Certification

The Arkansas Board also gives out barber technician certifications. This certification is offered to students that have completed a total of 20 full working days of study in a licensed barber school or have done 20 hours of education in sterilization of tools and the State’s barber laws.

A high school diploma will be required.

This certificate can also be acquired by candidates that have completed a two months apprenticeship under supervision of a legally registered barber.

If you want to keep working as a barber technician while pursuing your full barber’s license, you’ll have to pass a test based on barber technician concepts and areas of study.

Step 3. Apply for a License and Pass the Examinations

After you go through the study program from a barber school, you can apply for your barber license exam. You can apply as far as 10 days prior to the next scheduled exam if you wish to appear in it. The Arkansas Board can be contacted directly by calling 501-682-4035 to obtain your application which allows you to apply for a license and exams.

Upon getting the application form, fill it out and return it to the Board along with two signed passport size photographs of yourself. Send one photograph by mail and take the other one with you at the examination center.

The examination has two parts, written and verbal. The complete application you submit must contain proof that you have completed required number of hours at the barber school. Only then you’ll be allowed to appear in the examination.

Step 4. Keep Your License Active and Keep Inquiring About Jobs

Barber licenses in Arkansas need to be renewed with each passing odd-numbered year. You can get it renewed before your birth date. Barbers need to pay a $40 fee of renewal for the process. An easy way or renewing your license is to visit the Board’s online license renewal portal.

Barbers in Arkansas are not required to study any further. You can easily purchase or rent a barber’s chair to start your work at the place of your liking. Little Rock is rich with classic barbershops where you can get your feet wet and start building your career.

To find out more about opening your own barbershop, read this.



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