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Barber Schools DelawareHow to get a Barber License in Delaware

The Board of Barbering and Cosmetology in Delaware which is a part of the Division of Professional Regulation is the recognized agency in charge of licensing and registering barbers.

To become a barber licensed in the state of Delaware, the following steps must be completed…

First Step: Completion of a Barber Apprenticeship or Program that is Approved by the Delaware board 

To become a barber in Delaware, one must complete a course of training and/or formal education. ONE of the following must be completed to qualify for a barber license in Delaware:

  • Minimum of 3,000 hours of apprenticeship
  • Minimum of 1,500 classroom hours of uninterrupted training from a school of barbering
  • Minimum of 600 classroom hours of concentrated coursework in barbering with an apprenticeship of at least 1,500 hours

In order to qualify for the blended apprenticeship/instruction option, you’ll have to be accepted into the 600-hour program which is based on the practical examination which is conducted by any licensed cosmetology school in Delaware.

To pursue training/education through an apprenticeship, you’ll have to complete an Apprentice application which must then be submitted to the Delaware board office.

Once the application is approved, you’ll be required to complete your training under supervision of an apprenticeship supervisor. Once the apprenticeship is completed, an apprentice verification form must be submitted to the office of the Board.

Second Step: Completion of Application with PCS (Professional Credential Service)

Once the requirements for training/education enforced by the board has been completed, an online license and examination application must be completed with Professional Credential Service. Professional Credential Service is the company that the Delaware board has contracted to handle all license exams for licensure of barbers.

Apart from the completion of an online application with Professional Credential Service, a 2×2 passport photograph must be uploaded in order to finish the application process. Once the application has been finished and submitted, the barber licensure exam requirements can be reviewed by reading the barber candidate handbook.

Your application will be reviewed by Professional Credential Service and they will confirm your eligibility with the office of the state board. After then, PCS will notify you of your eligibility to take the exams. After that you will receive aletter of Theory Authorization to Test (ATT).

ThirdStep: Writing the Theory and Practical Exam

Before one can become a licensed barber in Delaware, one must pass a written(theory) and exam.  The board in Delaware uses the National Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology (NIC) exams for both practical and written exams. More information about the national exams can be obtained at the website.

After receiving approval from Professional Credential Service, you must schedule your theory exam with PSI Testing. The examination can be scheduled by phone or online.

Professional Credential Service will then give a Practical Admission Notice which contains the date the practical exam will be taken. Every practical exam is held in Newark. The cost of both examinations is $218 (at time of writing).

An official score notice will be given 10 days after the date of the exam. The minimum pass score is 75 on both practical & theory exams.

After the completion of both exams, Professional Credential Service will issue a Notice of Completion. After the Board has been informed of your status by PCS, you will be issued a barber license by the Board.

Fourth Step: Finding Work and Ensuring That Your Delaware Barber License Remains Current

Barber licenses in Delaware expires on March 31 of every year that ends with even numbers. A renewal notice will be given to you a few weeks before the expiration of your license. This renewal notice will contain information on accessing the online renewal application.

A licensed barber in Delaware can work as an independent contractor or as an employee in a barber/salon shop. You may need to rent a booth space as an independent contractor.

As an independent contractor, you will have power on your career direction and you will be able to decide where/how often you work. A lot of barbers later open their own barber shops and become business owners who have the power to control the atmosphere and culture of their shop depending on the kinds of client they want.

Fifth Step: How to Become A Master Barber in Delaware

Master barbers in the state of Delaware have the permission to perform the services of licensed barbers. This is in addition to:

  • Straightening of the hair chemically
  • Pressing, singeing and braiding of the hair
  • Permanent waving of hair
  • Chemical coloring and bleaching of the hair

You must become a licensed barber before you can become a master barber in Delaware.  After that, you must finish an added 600 hours of apprenticeship for chemicals under a cosmetologist or master barber.



Barber License Program
Service Type
Barber License Program
Provider Name
Hair Academy School of Barbering & Beauty,
Newark, DE
Hair Academy School of Barbering & Beauty is one of the first hair schools in Delaware. Hair Academy is also accredited by NACCAS. As a student here, you will learn theory, practical exercises, business concepts, license law, and much more! When you graduate, you will have the knowledge to pass the state licensure exam. As a client, you will enjoy a full-service clinical floor with well-supervised students performing many different haircuts, styles, and techniques.