Barber Schools in Georgia


How to get a Barber License in Georgia

To become a barber in Georgia or open a top-class barbershop you can call your own, you must first qualify for a license through the Georgia State Board of Barbers.

The Georgia State Board of Barbers defines barbering as the styling, cutting and designing of hair which also includes facial hair.

First Step: Graduating from a 1500-hour Barber Training Program in Georgia

To get started with obtaining a barber license in Georgia involves graduating from a barber college in the state.

The State BoardĀ  requires that the barber school you study in must provide a minimum of 1500 hours of special training. The courses required by the board include:

Clinical Services (1220 hours)

  • Shaving- 25 hours
  • Permanent Waving- 270 hours
  • Theory-200 hours
  • Facial Waxing and Hair Design- 10 hours
  • Shampooing- 5 hours
  • Techniques for Treating Scalp- 10 hours
  • Hairstyling Cutting and techniques- 500 hours
  • Additional Instruction- 200 hours

Theory (280 hours)

  • Shaving (25 hours)
  • Permanent relaxing, waving and application of chemicals (65 hours)
  • Theory (50 hours)
  • Coloring of hair (25 hours)
  • Scalp and Hair Treatments (25 hours)
  • Facial Waxing and Hair Design (20 hours)


You’ll be paired with a mentor through an apprenticeship in barbering. Before you can start as a barber’s apprentice, you must be minimum age of 16 years and you must complete the steps listed below:

  • Complete an application for the barber apprenticeship program
  • Pay an application fee of $45
  • Perform at least 3000 hours of training over a time period of at least 1 and a half year.
  • Complete a hands-on training underĀ supervision of a barber who is licensed with a minimum of 1.5 years of experience.

Second Step: Passing the Theory and State Practical Licensing Exams

After graduation from a barber training program, your graduation information will be submitted by your school to PSI services. PSI is the testing vendor approved by the Georgia Board for conducting and grading the exam.

With the pre-approval of your school, you’ll be able to register for and schedule licensing exams with PSI. There will be two licensing exams that you need to schedule.

These are the National Barber Written Exam and the Georgia Barber Practical Exam. The exams can be scheduled by completing the following steps:

  • Downloading and reading Candidate Information Bulletin
  • Scheduling the exams online
  • Payment of a combined exam fee of $147 (at time of this writing)

Practical Exam for Georgia Barbers

The practical exam takes about 85 minutes to finish up. Prospective barbers will be graded on their ability to do the following:

  • Shaving with a straight Razor
  • Blow Dry Styling
  • Client Protection and Set Up
  • Basic Facial
  • Haircutting

Written Exam for Barbers

This exam takes about 90 minutes to finish. It’s a computer based, written exam. The exam will test theoretical knowledge of candidates on subjects including:

  • Hair Care Services
  • Light, Electricity & Chemistry
  • Shaving and Facial Services
  • Hair Styling and Cutting
  • Scalp, Hair and Skin Disorders
  • Scientific concepts

The following cities have a PSI examination site:

  • Tifton
  • Macon
  • Atlanta

Once these exams have been successfully passed, the board will be provided scores of candidates by PSI and they become eligible to apply for barber license in Georgia.

Third Step: Submission of a Master Barber License Application to the Board

When all barber training is completed and the licensing exam passed, an application can now be submitted to the Board for a barber license. In order to carry out this final step, you must have the following:

  • Complete application for a master barber License
  • Valid copy of your high school diploma
  • Valid copy of your diploma in barber training
  • Payment of an application fee worth $30


Holders of a barber license in another state may qualify for a Georgia barber license based on reciprocity. This means that they will not need to complete barber training in Georgia or pass the licensing exam in Georgia. To apply for a license based on reciprocity, the following steps need to be completed:

  • Submission of application for a barber licensure by reciprocity/endorsement.
  • Provision of verification of licensure from the previous licensing board.
  • Presentation of proof of barber school and high school education
  • Payment of Licensing fee of $50.

All of the reciprocity and initial application materials can be sent to the Georgia board at their mailing address.

Fourth Step: Exploring Options for Career and Keeping the Barber License Current

To open your own barbershop in Georgia, you’ll need to complete the following steps:

  • Complete an application for a Barber Shop to Georgia Board.
  • Pay a $75 application fee

When you’re just starting your career, you can start by renting a chair in one of the many fine barbershop in Atlanta. Relocation is recommended as that is where the majority of opportunity for new barbers is found in Georgia.

NOTICE: Your barber license must be renewed by December 31st of years that end with even numbers. You’ll be sent a reminder about one and a half month before the need for renewal.

If the board do not send you a renewal notice, you’re still responsible for renewing the license. This can be done by the completion of a renewal form and submission of the renewal fee online.


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