Barber Schools in Illinois

barber_license_IllinoisHow to become a licensed barber in Illinois

Illinois offers great opportunities for people that want to work as barbers as well as the men’s fashion styling industry in general.

According to Illinois’ development authorities, it has been calculated that the amount of jobs in barber industry are going to increase by a factor of almost 12% in the coming decade.

If you’re excited at the thought of barbering as a profession, you’ll have to first get registered with the authorities in Illinois that govern these activities.

In the State of Illinois, all the barbering related processes are dealt by the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation Board of Barbering. You can simply follow the steps outlined below to undertake your journey to becoming a professional barber.

Step 1. Complete a Minimum of 1500-Hours of Barber Training

This board of barbering in Illinois only considers participants that have completed a graduation program from a registered barber school and spans at least 1500 hours. These are the suggested course requirements:

Theory – 150 Hours

  • Basic Barbering theory

Theory and Practice – 1350 Hours

  • Barber historical aspects
  • Study of Germs
  • Germ control and safety
  • Equipment handling
  • Physiology of the skull and neck
  • Product composition
  • Electric equipment handling
  • Scalp disorders and diseases
  • Treating those disorders naturally
  • Hair dying
  • Permanent hair shaping
  • Illinois barber laws

Final Examination

Each schools final exam needs to be cleared before you graduate. It comprises of the following topics.

  • Hair styling
  • Germ control
  • Facial shaving

Every candidate needs to clear the exam with a minimum score of 75% otherwise you’ll have to reappear and clear it in the next attempt.

Step 2. Submit an Application for the Illinois Barbering Written Licensing Exam

These barber licensure examinations are governed by an external subcontractor of the board, Continental Testing Services (CTS). Applying for the examination is a very tricky task, just do the following activities:

All these documents along with your application can be mailed to the address mentioned below:

Continental Testing Services, Inc.
PO Box 100
LaGrange, Illinois 60525-0100

After you’re eligible for the CTS for these examinations, you’ll be notified through mail and will be given the liberty to pick a date from their next 60 day schedule for your exam.

Step 3. Pass the National Barbering Written Licensing Examination

Since 2014, the national barber examination in the state of Illinois has been completely computerized which makes it easier for all candidates to answer the questions in quick succession. The following topics are covered in the 90-minute examination:

  • Protecting hair
  • Skin texture
  • Electric equipment and safety
  • Germ control
  • Trimming methods
  • Facial shaving techniques
  • Hair trimming and styling
  • Facial hair styling

The exam has to be cleared by a score of at least 75% if you want to receive a license in this state. These examinations can be taken at the following CTS exam centers:

  • Chicago
  • Springfield
  • Carbondale
  • Champagne
  • East Peoria
  • Evansville, IN
  • Galesburg
  • Glen Ellyn

Step 4. Submit an Application for Barber License to the Board

Once you’ve cleared the exam with more than 75% marks, CTS will automatically send you a notification along with instructions upon how you can proceed towards attaining your license.

After you’ve cleared the examination, you have 12 months to apply for your license or the examination results would go void. You have submit both the score sheet and license application you’ll receive by mail at the following this address for the Board to issue your license:

Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation
ATTN: Division of Professional Regulation
P.O. Box 7007
Springfield, IL 62791

Step 5. Start your Career as a Barber and Keep Renewing your License Biannually

Right after you clear the exams and receive your license, you can pick from many opportunities as your professional way of earning. You may choose to be employed at one of the popular barbershops found all over the state or might opt to open your own barbershops.

To acquire the shop registration, go to the Barbering board of Illinois’ website and download the Salon/Shop Registration Instructions and Application. Submit and wait for your license if you’re found eligible.

These licenses expire on the last day of July every odd year. The board will send you a renewal notification that you can attend to online so there’s not much to worry about.


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