Barber Schools in Indiana

barber_schools_IndianaHow to become a licensed barber in Indiana

At the moment, Indiana has around 350 active barbers (on record) providing hair dressing  and grooming services. This number doesn’t include those which have their own shops or businesses.

The department of labor development has predicted a rise of at least 6% in these jobs during the coming 10 years.

The governing body for all the concerned barber activity in the Indianapolis area is known as the Indiana State Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners.

You have to register with this organization and acquire a permit/license before you can properly function as a barber in the region.

It controls all the law making and licensure regarding barbering activities as well. Follow these simple instructions to become a professional barber in the Indiana region:

Step 1. Complete a Minimum of 1500 Hours of Barber Training

According to the Indiana Board, every barbering professional must complete a graduate program of at least 1500 hours before attempting to come into the professional world. These 1500 hours of training include teachings from the following topics:

  • Biological basics of barbering and germ control
  • History of barbering
  • Anatomy of the human skull
  • Product composition
  • Diseases of the scalp and hair texture

Final Practical Examination

After you complete a time span of 1500 hours in which you’ll be studying both theoretical and practical aspects of this profession, you’ll have to appear in a final test that shall determine whether or not you rise up to Indiana’s registered graduate school standards.

The exam is only reckoned clear if the candidate scores 75% or higher on this final school exam.

Step 2. Submit an Application for an Indiana Barber License and Examination

Every candidate has to be at least seventeen years before applying for a barber licensure exam in Indiana. You also need to possess a high school diploma which is set as the minimum studying requirement to become a licensed barber in the area.

These documents need to be submitted by immediate effect if you want to start barbering quickly:


In case you are already a registered barber from any other American state, you welcomed to transfer your license to the state of Indiana by following a simple procedure. You’ll be required to give the following info for the purpose:

  • Complete and send an Application for Barber License by Reciprocity
  • Attach your original license from the previous Board
  • Give proof of your barber school studies
  • Give proof of your barber examination scoring
  • Proof of $100 processing fee payment

All these documents can easily be submitted by mailing them to the address mentioned below:

State Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners
Professional licensing Agency
402 West Washington Street, Room W072
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Step 3. Pass the National Barber Written Licensing Examination

You have to pass a final screening examination before the board can issue a license to your name. The examination activity inside Indianapolis is governed by an external company, Pearson VUE. Thoroughly study their Indiana State Board Candidate Handbook.

Written Exam

The most important of the barber exams can be taken after you pay a fee of $45 to get it set according to your favored timings. It has 110 questions in total and can be completed in a time-frame of a little more than two hours. These topics are included in the syllabus:

  • Laws and customer safety
  • Study of hair texture and scalp
  • Beard trimming and shaving methods
  • Basic skin treatments
  • Different hair styles
  • Chemical treatments

These are the locations where Pearson VUE’s examination centers are located and you can easily be entertained for examination:

  • Evansville
  • Fort Wayne
  • Indianapolis
  • Terre Haute
  • Chicago
  • Lansing
  • Merrillville

The best thing about examination procedures in Indiana is that they shall provide you with your scoring immediately after you give the exam and let you know whether or not you have passed the exam. You can then apply for the license online.

Step 4. Start your Career as a Licensed Barber and Renew your License Every Four Years

Barbering in Indiana is an upcoming profession and new barbers can utilize a variety of openings. You can start working at any of the shops which are already running in town and make a name for yourself to start with.

Another good thing about the Indiana Board is that every license has to be renewed last day of August after a span of four years which is longer than any other state. Fill out a paper renewal form or the online renewal form for this purpose.

Step 5. You can Open your Own Barbershop

Doing a business and serving your own dream is better than working for someone else and using your skill to serve their dream. You can open your own barbershop in Indianapolis by following a simple procedure.

However keep in mind the required amount of funds and only take the step if you can easily afford running a shop on your own. These are the activities you shall do.

You can also become something called a “barber instructor” and teach at any of the famous barbering schools. For this purpose you’ll be required to fulfill the following points:



Barber License Program
Service Type
Barber License Program
Provider Name
Kenny's Academy of Barbering,
Indianapolis, IN
Kenny's Academy of Barbering also has 2 satellite locations one in Lawrence Indiana and the other in Greenwood Indiana. Barbers no longer have to attend a beauty college to get a barber license because there's a Kennys close to you.