Barber Schools in Kansas

barber schools in KansasHow to become a licensed barber in Kansas

Barbershops are something that contribute a greatly to enhancing the (seemingly lost) masculinity of men from all age groups in the current era.

You’ll be responsible in providing your clients with the best experiences regarding their appearance.

In 2010, there were around 500 people working as professional barbers in the state of Kansas according to the labor development this doesn’t include people running their own shops.

Kansas was referred to have the most masculine barbershops in America. “The gents place” is known as one of the best hair care spots which comes with a perfect social climate.

The place continues fireplaces, board games and other recreational activities. The environment offers a sophisticated aura with top quality hair styling.

Think you are ready to be a professional barber?

You’ll have to register as a hair dresser (govy’s words, not ours) with the government’s concerned department.

All these activities from making new barber laws to governing licensure procedure are all dealt with by Kansas Board of Barbering. Follow these easy instruction in the given order to become a professional barber:

Step 1. Complete at least 1500-Hours of Barber Training

The first thing you’ll have to perform has to be getting enrolled in a State registered barber school. You can find the concerned applications online, follow the link for your ease and see the student license application.

There’s a processing fee of $55 which needs to be submitted and sent alongside your school enrollment application. At the time of graduation, you’ll be automatically notified and made eligible to appear for the licensure examination.

The training needs to cover a time span of at least 1500 hours in which you’ll get both, theoretical and practical training regarding barbering work:

Supervised Practice

  • Hair and Scalp care procedures
  • Straightening and perming
  • Facial shaves
  • Facial treatments
  • Anatomy of the head
  • Hair stylist training
  • Hair conditioning
  • Dying and coloring of hair

Demonstrations and Lectures

  • Biological and science related basics
  • Cleanliness info
  • Hair texture and scalp study
  • Styling hair
  • Physical structure of the skull and neck
  • Germ disinfection
  • Product composition
  • Beard styling

Once you graduate, you are by default made eligible to sit in the examinations for licensure.

Step 2. Submit Kansas’s Examination & License Application

Right after you graduate, you have to submit an official application stating that you’re willing to register as a barber with the Kansas Board of barbers. For this purpose you can easily find the licensure examination form on the Board’s website. These steps shall guide you through the process:

All these materials can be scanned and submitted through the online portal or posted by mail to the address mentioned below:

Kansas Board of Barbering
Jayhawk Tower
700 SW Jackson, Ste 1002
Topeka, KS 66603-3434

Step 3. Clear Kansas’s Practical, Written, and State Law Licensing Examinations

After you get called upon for the examination, be prepared to go through a screening process including three different examinations. This includes one practical exam and two theoretical examinations i-e a barber-stylist written examination and a Kansas law and regulation test. After you pass all these exams, you’ll earn your license automatically.

These exams can be attended multiple times a year in case you do not pass and are available at these locations:

  • Topeka
  • Wichita

Practical Exam

The physical examination covers 105 minutes and requires two live models with you to demonstrate your skill levels regarding the following activities:

  • Preparing customers
  • Performing a taper cut
  • Straight Razor Shave
  • Basic facial treatment
  • Scalp treatment
  • Traditional trend cut
  • Hair shampooing and conditioning

The examination criteria involves that every candidate must attain a score of at least 80% in all three examinations to pass them.

Written Exams

You get 90 minutes to score at least 80% on both of the written tests you are given. Both exams are explained separately below:

National Barber-Styling Exam – the exam is conducted by the NIC department. It is a multiple choice examination which tries to cover most of the topics. Here are some of the syllabus areas:

  • Germ control and cleanliness
  • Facial treatment services
  • Client satisfaction
  • Chemical treatments
  • Product chemistry
  • Skull anatomy
  • Electric equipment handling

Kansas Rules and Regulations Exam – the exam is based on multiple Kansas laws especially sanitary regulations, and it can be found on the Kansas board website…

Step 4. Get Started as a Professional Barber in Kansas

Once you acquire your barber license, you have a long list of opportunities.

There are job listings that are often found in multiple newspapers and online portals regarding new barber staff requirements in the greater Kansas City area, keep an eye for those.

You can also open your own barbershop and make all the rules and set the environment by yourself. Follow these instructions:

Step 5. Keep Updating your Kansas Barber License

The renewal process might seem to be a little complicated for a few of you newbies. The licenses have to be renewed every year. However you have to renew it on the date corresponding to your name’s first digit:

  • First Quarter of the year– January 1 through March 31:  A, B, C, M, N, O
  • Second Quarter of the year – April 1 through June 30:  D, E, F, P, Q, R
  • Third Quarter of the year – July 1 through September 30:  G, H, I, S, T, U
  • Fourth Quarter of the year – October 1 through December 31:  J, K, L, V, W, X, Y, Z

The board offers an online renewal policy through the portal, renew online here. A fee of $80 has to be paid for you to do it. You won’t require any further education for this.

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