Barber Schools in Kentucky

barber-school-kentuckyThere couldn’t be a better time than now for you to pursue a career in the hairstyling industry via the barber trade.

It’s expected that the amount of licenses being issued to barbers and hairstylists is going to increase by a fair margin – we’re talking as much as 15% over the next eight to ten years.

Demand in the men’s grooming market for these services is on the rise and more than a couple hundred jobs will be open annually in the coming years as predicted by the Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet.

In case a person considers becoming a part of the barbering community, he (or she) will be required to obtain a license from Kentucky’s own Board of Barbering.

This is an association tasked with defining the licensing and examination requirement for all kinds of professionals related to the field of hair styling.

Here are the steps to obtaining a barber license in Kentucky:

Step 1. 1500 Hours of Barber Training

First of all, you’ll have to join a school that offers a graduate degree in barber training.

According to the Kentucky Board which governs all barber education, your graduate degree must involve at least 1500 hours or hands on barber training.

  • Equipment – 30 hours
  • Shaving directives – 100 hours
  • Cutting hair of different age groups- 935 hours
  • Applying Shampoo- 40 hours
  • Permanent waving- 40 hours
  • Applying Hair Color- 40 hours
  • Using hair straightening equipment- 40 hours
  • Massaging- 35 hours
  • Treating Scalp and Skin issues- 20 hours
  • Different physical aspects of head and face- 100 hours
  • Sterilizing equipment- 40 hours
  • Hygienic Training- 10 hours
  • Study of Bacteria-20 hours
  • Electricity knowledge- 10 hours
  • Pharmacology- 20 hours
  • Human Psychology- 10 hours
  • Work Ethics and history- 10 hours

Once you’re a graduate in barber training, you’ll automatically be eligible to take part in a probationary barber exam.

Step 2. Get through the Kentucky Board’s Probationary Barber Test

After completing your barber training from a barber school, you’ll become a barber for a probation time period.

For that, you’ll have to commit yourself to a written examination for probationary barbers. According to the examination board requirements all candidates must be at least 17.5 years of age, should have graduated high school and should also possess a license from one of Kentucky’s barber schools.

All candidates have to speak to the Kentucky Board over the phone or in person because that is the preferred criteria of the boards. You’ll be given all information regarding the examination dates and syllabus in the conversation.

This exam for probationary barbers has a time limit of 80 minutes and is a written examination. It is prepared to test a person’s knowledge of barber theories that are mentioned in this list:

  • Infection Control
  • Bacteriology and Sanitation
  • Head, Neck, and Face Anatomy
  • Kentucky Barber Laws and Regulations
  • Shaving Procedures
  • Hair Styling and Cutting
  • Hair Coloring
  • Chemical Hair Services

After you accomplish a percentage of 75% or higher in this examination, you can buy your probation period barber license for fifty bones.

After getting the probationary license, every candidate has to go through six months of non-stop barber experience.

For this you’ll have to support or work for an already licensed and well settled barber at his shop for the next six months.

The final barber examination can be attempted after this time span.

Step 3. Jump the final hurdle from the Final Barber Examination:

During your six months of barber practice with an experienced professional, you’ll receive a letter from the Kentucky Barber Board along with your barber exam application. After you acquire these documents, you’ll have to fill out a return application regarding a Kentucky Barber Examination. Once the board receives your application to appear, your name shall come up on the next exam schedule.

The final exam is pretty much like the probation examination. The time span is limited to just over an hour and these are the activities you’ll be tested for:

  • Initial setting and Protecting the Client.
  • Hair Styling and Cutting.
  • Permanent Wave


  • Permanent Straightener


  • Long lasting Color.

After clearing this test, you can go and simply obtain an official Kentucky Barber License for $50.

Step 4. You are now a pro – time to  start your career as a Licensed Kentucky Barber

After you’ve secured your Kentucky barber’s license, you have many options on your disposal. You can willingly join any of the top hair styling shops in your preferred area, get a booth in a shop in other areas or even start a hair salon on your own.

If you can afford it, the best option is to open your own shop. That way you can work with more ease by controlling the work hours, location and shop’s environment all by yourself.

You can pick the style category for your shop as well. It can either be modern and luxurious or classically historic, it all depends on your choice. Anyone who’s opting for his own barbershop should not forget to complete these tasks before moving any further with his business:

  • Get your shop inspected and acquire an inspection report.
  • Submit an application to open your own shop at the Kentucky Board.
  • $50 shall be submitted as the shop licensing fee.

Step 5. Keeping up with renewal of your Kentucky Barber License

All certified barbers are required to renew their official practicing license in the middle of each year. To stay legally eligible and continue your barber work, you’ll have to get your license renewed before the July starts each year. As soon as your renewal period approaches, the Kentucky Board will automatically send you a renewal form by mail.

The form has to be filled out and returned before the 1st of July. There’s a $25 fee for renewing your license to which an extra $25 are added in case of late submission.



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