Barber Schools in Maryland

barber schools marylandHow to become a licensed barber in Maryland

A barber enhances the look of a man in just the way the way he wants. By delivering a fresh hairstyle, re-touch colors and trim up a beard beard they help men feel as best they can about their appearances.

You could hardly ask for a more ideal location than Maryland  to begin a career in barbering and build your professional experience very quickly.

The number of barbers employed in the state from four years ago was just under a thousand and that’s without the inclusion of self-employed barbershop owners.

All you need to do to get in on this action is to acquire a barber’s license from the Maryland Board of Barbers. The board is responsible for all barber activities in the state. Follow these simple steps to get your hands on your very own barber’s license.

Step 1. Complete 1200 Hours in a Maryland Barber Training School

First thing’s first – you have to take a barber program and complete it successfully from a licensed barber school in the state. The school must fulfill all licensing requirements set by the Maryland Board of Barbers.

A list of licensed barber schools in Maryland can be found on the board’s website. The Maryland board doesn’t consider any kind of apprenticeship as alternative to the school program.

The school program must stretch to 1200 hours and shall have teachings based on the following topics:

  • Basics of barbering
  • Sanitation and Hygiene
  • Bacteriology
  • Study of Chemical Hair Treatments
  • Histology of the skin, hair, nerves, and muscles
  • Structure of the skull and neck
  • Sterilization and antiseptics, diseases of the hair, skin, and glands


There’s also another way to obtain your schooling as a barber and that’s through an apprenticeship. With an apprenticeship, you’ll have to work under the supervision of an experienced master barber and learn all you can about the practical side of barbering.

You can then apply for a license after you’re done with 2250 hours of being an apprentice. For the process, you have to fill an apprentice application form and sponsorship form.

Step 2. Clear Maryland Barber Theory and Practical Licensing Exams

Prometric is the consultant that deals with examinations for the Barber’s Board in Maryland. You have to register directly with them by creating an account with them online.

Read the application procedure online and register for the examination. You can pick a date from the schedule provided by the state. You’ll be taking both a written and a practical exam.

Maryland Barber Theory Exam

The written examination has a total of 100 questions out of which you need to get at least 70 right if you want to pass it. The time allowed for this test is 120 minutes. The test shall have questions related to the following topics

General Concepts – 20 questions

  • Controlling infectious material
  • Cleanliness
  • Shop Safety

Hair and Scalp – 15 questions

  • Texture
  • Composition
  • Hair growth
  • Analysis
  • Hair disorders

Physical Services – 20 questions

  • Conditioning materials
  • Scalp and Hair Care
  • Facial care
  • Shaving

Chemical Services – 15 questions

  • Hair dying
  • Chemical hair removal
  • Chemical Hair Relaxing

Hair Styling and Shaping – 10 questions

  • Hair Trimming
  • Hair Styling

Maryland Laws, Rules, and Regulations – 10 questions

  • License regulations
  • Hygiene rules

Maryland Barber Practical Exam

The practical exam gauges your ability to physically perform barber services. You will need to bring your own supply kit and mannequin for this exam. You’re required to pass this with a score of 70% or higher. Finally, you’ll be required to complete the following barber services within 84 minutes:

Second part of the examination is meant to determine your physical skills. Every candidate has to bring his own equipment kit and a mannequin head for the test. The practical skill test also requires a passing score of at least 70% in a time of less than one and a half hours.

  • Fundamental Blended, Tapered Haircut – 21 tasks
  • Shave – 21 tasks
  • Permanent Hair waving – 20 tasks
  • Final Touching – 15 minutes

Prometric allows candidates to take the barber license exams in two Maryland locations:

  • Baltimore
  • Bethesda

Once a candidate passes the exam with sufficient marks, the board will immediately send out its final licensing instructions through regular mail. It takes approximately two weeks before your instructions will arrive.

Step 3. Submit Original Barber License Application

Right after you collect your Maryland license instructions from the mail, you’ll be required to fill a final application and submit it. You’ll be given the final application form and your license number.

Do the following things once you get them:

When you move on to the step where you have to make the final form submission. A registration number and info about license type will be required by the Board.

License by Endorsement

The Maryland barbers Board provides ease for those that already possess barber licenses in other states of the country. You can go through an endorsement procedure and acquire your Maryland barber’s license. Following documents would have to be provided by you to the Board in this case:

Anything which requires regular mailing procedure can be sent to the following address:

State Board of Barbers
500 N. Calvert Street
Room 201
Baltimore, Maryland 21202

Step 4. Start as a Barber in Maryland and Keep your License Activated

Barber jobs can be found at a variety of places in Maryland. From beauty salons to rehab services, all kinds of barber jobs are up for grabs. You can easily find work and improve your skill at some of the famous barber stops in Maryland. Just keep your eye on Instagram and ask around to find out which shops will be best for your career.

Attaining a Barber Shop License

You can give a big boost to your career by opening your own barbershop. You can control the work hours and other activities in that case. For doing so, you’ll require to perform these 2 simple steps:

Master Barber

Becoming a master barber is the ultimate barber level in Maryland set by the board. Having this certificate on the wall makes it clear to the customers that they are surely in safe hands and it increases the value of your work by a mile. The following requirements need to be completed for this.




Barber License Program
Service Type
Barber License Program
Provider Name
Bladensburg Barber School,
Bladensburg, MD
The mission of Bladensburg Barber School is to deliver high quality vocational training that prepares successful graduates for career opportunities in the Barbering trade. The leadership at Bladensburg Barber School is committed to providing students with the core knowledge and skills to be competitive in today’s job market. Students completing the Barbering program qualify to take the state examination for licensing by the State Board of Barbers.