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How to become a licensed barber in Massachusetts

Today’s barbers are expected to be masters of their craft. As a barber in Massachusetts, you’ll be joining a group of established practitioners devoted to their craft, meaning you’ll be facing some competition.

Barber jobs in Massachusetts are expected to shoot up by 24.18% between 2012 and 2022 according to the Massachusetts Labor and Workforce Development, making this one of the largest career growth opportunities in the U.S. market.

Step 1. You’ll need to get 1000 Hours of Barber Training

Your initial step to achieving a Massachusetts barber license requires that your hairstyling school give no less than 1000 hours of hairdresser theoretical activity and hands-on training, including guidelines from these accompanying subjects:

  • Work Ethics
  • Safety Precautions / Sanitation
  • Hair, Skin, and Scalp Structure and Growth
  • Shampoo and Rinses
  • Scalp and Hair Care
  • Facial care
  • Beard styling
  • Hair dying
  • Chemical Hair removal
  • Hair Styling

Once you graduate, you’ll get a student stylist permit application from your barber school to get yourself started as a barber’s apprentice.

Step 2. Pass the Massachusetts Barber License Exams as an Apprentice

When you get the stylist permit application, you should round out it and pass the apprentice barber permitting exams. When you present the application to the Board and pass the license examinations, the Massachusetts Board will issue you a Massachusetts apprentice hair stylist permit.

Apprentice Barber Licensing Exams

The licensing examinations in the state of Massachusetts is governed by a third party i-e Pearson VUE. All the exams are scheduled and conducted by them. Complete the following steps when you wish to appear:

This will schedule you for two exams. The apprentice barber theoretical test and a practical examination.

Apprentice Barber Written Exam:

  • Client Protection – 25%
  • Hair, Skin, and Scalp – 14%
  • Other Services – 8%
  • Beard Styling – 7%
  • Chemical Activities – 8%
  • Haircutting and Styling – 17%
  • Massachusetts barber regulations – 15%
  • History of Barbering – 3%
  • Management skills – 3%

Apprentice Barber Practical Exam

  • Preparation
  • Honing and Stropping
  • Bacteria protection
  • Haircut/Scalp Manipulation
  • Shaving

When you pass these exams with a rate of 70% or higher, the Board will automatically give you a Massachusetts apprentice hairdresser permit.

Step 3. Pass Massachusetts Master Barber Licensing Exams

After you’ve successfully gone through a 1.5 year apprenticeship period as an apprentice you will have to contact the Board by calling them at (617) 727-7367. After you contact them, the board informs you about how you can appear in a master barber’s licensing examination.

Master Barber Licensing Exams

The procedure is pretty similar when it comes to the master barber exam like the regular license examination. You have to appear in both written and practical examinations by the Pearson VUE. The only difference is an increased fee which sits at $181 for master barber exams and the intensity of exam questions and tasks.

Master Barber Written Exam

The Master Barber examination contains a small amount of question ranging from 25 to 30 in number. These question are on the following topics.

  • General Provisions that apply on Barber Shops and Barber Schools – 90%
  • Barber Schools – 10%

Master Barber Practical Exam

Each barber has to bring along his own equipment and a model for practical work. The following barber activities need to be completed:

  • Pre styling prep
  • Honing and Stropping
  • Bacteria protection
  • Haircut/Scalp Manipulation
  • Shaving
  • Facial treatment

Both exams need to be cleared with 70% or higher correction rate for you to become a master barber.


Apprentice and master barbers will renew by December 31st of every odd year. The apprentice barber renewal fee is $40, and the master barber renewal fee is $78.

Every apprenticeship student and full barber has to perform license renewal before the last day of each odd numbered year on the calendar. The fees for these two are $40 and $78 respectively.

Step 4. Try Opening your Own Shop

If you’d like to open your own barbershop, the board will allow you to do so with a new barbershop license only.

When you open your own barbershop, you get to choose the location, hours, and style of the shop. To attain this license, you must complete the following steps:

  • Make your floor plan
  • Fill out a New Barbersshop Application
  • Get a business certificate form the government
  • Submit a $130.00 Money Order
  • Get the shop inspected

After completing these things, the Board will review your position and a shop license will be issued to you if you’re found fit to serve the public.












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