Barber Schools in Michigan

barber schools michiganBarber Schools and License Requirements in Michigan

The latest in men’s hair styling can be found in barbershops all across the US, but Michigan, especially Detroit and Grand Rapids are official hot spots.

While studying barbering, you’ll learn the art of hair, beard and mustache styling in accordance with the latest trends.

Michigan has a very pleasant working environment for service job holders. There are many popular barber stores in Michigan including the Chop Shop situated it Detroit.

According to reports from Michigan’s Labor Department, the number of barber licenses issues is expected to rise by a ratio of 3.2% over the course of this decade. The rate isn’t as high as a few other states but you can still expect more than a few jobs coming your way if you have the skill.

Like every other state, you’ll have to obtain a license for your profession before starting into your new career. The Board of Barber examiners is an organization which stands responsible for all barber activities in the state of Michigan. You’ll have to go through a screening process conducted by them before attaining your barber’s license.

Follow this simple step by step guide if you’re willing to become a barber in Michigan:

Step 1. Complete an 1800-Hour Michigan Barber Training Program

The first step you have to complete to become a licensed barber in any American state stays the same with Michigan too. You’ll have to get enrolled in a proper study program from a registered institute and complete a total of 1800 hours of combined theory and practical learning.

Theory – 250 hours

  • Barbering history – 10 hours
  • Precautionary measures – 60 hours
  • Client Services – 30 hours
  • Haircut and Shave – 60 hours
  • Chemical Services – 45 hours
  • Additional Services – 20 hours
  • Laws, Rules, and Regulations – 10 hours
  • Shop Management – 15 hours

Practical – 1,750 hours

  • Safety and Sanitation – 50 hours
  • Hair Cutting, Styling, and Shaving – 1000 hours
  • Shampooing, Conditioning and Dying Hair – 350 hours
  • Skin Care, Hair and Scalp Treatments – 250 hours
  • Work Ethics and Record Maintenance – 100 hours


The Michigan Barber Board allows candidates to become student barbers by utilizing the option of an authorized apprenticeship.

You need to have cleared schooling up to a minimum of 10th grade – nothing else is required. After getting this license, you would be allowed to work under an experienced and licensed barber as a paid or unpaid apprentice. The license has a total life time of three years and has to be renewed after two.

Step 2. Submit an Application to Appear in License Examinations

You need to apply for a license immediately after you have completed your barber studies or apprenticeship. The licensing exams can only be given if you are approved by the Board to appear in them. Michigan State has multiple options like online application system or submission by mail which you can avail to appear in the examination. The licensing exam can be availed by doing the following.


Reciprocity is a procedure offered by many American state to barbers relocating to a new state. It allows practitioners who have a barber license in other states to reciprocate their licenses and attain a new one in their desired state. Michigan offers this option as well. You’ll have to provide the following as proof before you could acquire the license transfer.

  • Fill in a Reciprocal Barber License Application
  • Attach a Copy of your current Barber’s License
  • Attach $50 Application Fee (for even-year applications) or $80.00 Application Fee (for odd-numbered years)

In case of a mailing address requirement for any these or any other kinds of documents, you can utilize the following address:

Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs
Corporations, Securities & Commercial Licensing Bureau
Licensing Division
P.O. Box 30018, Lansing, MI 48909

Step 3. Clear the Michigan Barber Licensing Examinations

The Michigan Board’s barber examinations are governed by an external organization known as PSI services. You’ll have to register with them before you start your work. Keep an eye on their examination portal where you can find all the latest info about scheduling and curriculum. The registration can be done online and each candidate is required to submit a fee of $161 to receive their instructions. After completing the registration process, you’ll automatically receive your exam slip along with the exam instructions. The examination has two parts, theory and practical:


The exam has a time span of 2 hours allowed to all candidates. You have to attempt a total of 100 question. No choice is offered in questions. These topics are covered in the written exam:

  • Basic Concepts (31%)
  • Hair and Scalp (14%)
  • Physical Services (19%)
  • Chemical Practices (16%)
  • Hair dressing and trimming (10%)
  • State Laws and Regulations (10%)

The theoretical exam can be taken at any of the following locations:

  • Holt-Lansing Exam Center
  • Southfield (Detroit area) Exam Center
  • Grand Rapids Exam Center
  • Gaylord Exam Center
  • Marquette Exam Center


All candidates also have to appear in a practical test which goes for more than 2 hours. Precisely, a time limit of 170 minutes is allowed for this exam and all participants need to bring their own models with them who should be greater than 18 years in age. The following skills are tested in the practical test:

  • Initial setting up and Germ killing.
  • Shampoo Service
  • Blow Drying Service
  • Hair Trimming
  • Mock Shaving Service
  • Facial Treatments
  • Chemical Treatments
  • Virgin Hair Color on Right Front Quadrant

The practical exam can be taken at any of these locations:

  • Southfield (Detroit area) Exam Center
  • Grand Rapids Exam Center
  • Marquette Exam Center

To clear both these examinations, a score of at least 75% has to be achieved. You’ll hear from the testing service in a week’s time. In case you pass the exams, your license will be sent to you in that time.

Step 4. Start your Career as a Licensed Barber

Detroit is the most widely known area for its growing barbershop scene. Barbers with complete command on their skill may find it easier to succeed in this environment. All jobs will mention the skills that they would want potential candidates to possess. Shaving and hair trimming are the main ones in most cases.

After you have achieved your working license in Michigan, you can either find employment at a barbershop which is recommended or open a hair styling stop of your own. Opening a barbershop isn’t as easy as it may seem. You’ll have to perform a series of steps before you can open your own barbershop. A detailed inspection has to be carried out along with a barbershop licensing fee. You can get the license by filling a simple application form. Here are a few of Michigan’s finest barbershops.

Step 5. Renew your Michigan Barber License Biannually

A barber’s license in the State of Michigan expires after a period of two years on the 30th of September. A mail letter (not email) regarding renewal is automatically generated to the given address at least a month before the expiry date arrives.

You may submit the renewal application before or after receiving the notice of renewal. The renewal process can be carried out online. There’s a minimal fee of $60 that you’ll have to pay if you renew the license in time.



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Barber License Program
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The educational objective of Metro Detroit Barber College is to provide state of the art training for men and women in the art of barbering. We provide them with the skills necessary to locate and retain a job in the barber industry. Our goal is that our students will be confident and comfortable with providing grooming services for any client. We offer professional education to a diverse and talented student body.