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barbers schools minnesotaBarber Schools and License Requirements in Minnesota

As the world of men’s style develops with every passing day, people who specialize in hair and beard styling are high in demand.

Good barbers are considered a valuable asset in any region of the United States these days. Minnesota is a state with multiple fashion hubs including the St. Paul’s metropolitan area. Areas like this are the perfect pit stops for barbershops.

Barber jobs in Minnesota have been on the rise for a few years now. It has been predicted by the Employment department that we can expect an overall rise of 7% in service jobs including barbering activities in the coming 6 years.

However before you start the good work, you’ll have to go through a screening process and earn a barber’s license from the Minnesota Barbers Board. This organization is the sole governing body for all kinds of barber activities from schooling to running barbershops in the State. To earn your license and start working, follow these simple

In order to become a licensed barber in Minnesota, take the following measures:

Step 1. Pass a Barber Study Program from a Registered Institute

The very first measure every barber aspirant needs to take is to take admission in a barber diploma. The school you choose must be registered from the Minnesota Board or your degree will be considered void. Here are a few notable barber schools:

  • Moler Barber School
  • Minneapolis Community Technical College
  • Minnesota School of Barbering

The basic requirement is for you to complete a total of 1500 hours in barber school while you take the course. The following topics shall be covered during that time:

  • Bleaching and coloring hair
  • Chemical straightening of hair
  • Hair or scalp irregularities
  • Chemistry behind sterilizing of equipment
  • Haircutting
  • Massaging and manipulating muscles of the face and neck
  • Study of skull and neck bone structure
  • Shaving
  • Designing the board

Step 2. Clear Apprentice Examination and Register as an Apprentice Barber

Once the candidate passes out from a barber school, he’s automatically eligible to take the Board’s examination for apprentice barbers. The examination has verbal, theoretical and practical parts. You need to pass with a score of 70% or higher to qualify for the license.

This apprentice examination takes place every quarter of the year. You can register and appear in any of the 4 exam timings if you’re eligible.

The following documents must be submitted at least 10 days from the time of application submission for your barber exams.

  • A filled out examination application
  • Fee submission proof of $88
  • Proof of completion for your 1,500 education hours

Once you have cleared the examination process. You have a time span of 4 years where you’ll be an apprentice to a master barber. In this time, you need to prove your ability to become a licensed barber yourself. When you are employed by a master barber, you’ll have to put in an application of employment with the Board to let them know of your progress.

Examination Breakdown

This is how the apprentice barber examination is made up:

  • A total of 100 multiple choice questions.
  • 10 verbal questions about Minnesota barber laws.
  • Practical exam where you’ll be demonstrating a hair and beard trim along with few other basic practices. Every candidate has to bring his own model for the exam.

Step 3. Pass the Master (Full) Barber Exam

Every apprentice needs to complete a total of 1500 working hours under his supervisor. In this time you’ll learn and earn at the same time. After completing the hours you are eligible to apply for the master or registered barber examination. The exam is also like the previous one and you have to answer oral, written and practical questions in front of the Board’s invigilators. The passing score however, is 75% for this examination.

The registered barber examination in Minnesota also takes place for times a year and can be attempted any time. The following documents are required:

  • Filled form 2 which certifies you about your study and apprenticeship hour completion
  • A $93.50 application fee
  • Fully filled examination application

Master barber examinations are almost same as the regular exam. The only difference is a couple of additional oral questions.

Step 4. Renew Your Barber’s License Every Year

Each barber’s license has to be renewed every year. It expires on the very last day of each year. You can do this by submitting a renewal application at the Board’s mailing address alongside $77 renewal fees and fully filled application. Master barbers have to pay a higher sum i-e $88 for the renewal procedure. The following address is advised for all the required document receiving.

University Park Plaza Building
2829 University Avenue South East Suite 425
Minneapolis, MN 55414

No further education is required for Master barbers in Minnesota.

Step 5. Opening Your Own Barbershop

In case you want to open your own barbershop, control the working hours and earn more money, you can do it by following these easy steps:

  • Submit a barber shop application(should be notarized)
  • Pay a $93.50 application fee
  • Shop diagram and floor plan should be submitted
  • Zoning compliance form

The registration of each barber shop expires in summers every year. June 30 is the date barber shop owners in Minnesota need to be aware of. You can renew your barbershop’s license by paying a sum of 93 and a half bucks to the Minnesota Barber’s Board. All of these important barber documents can be found on THIS page.

  • Apprentice application
  • Apprentice form 1
  • Apprentice form 2
  • Apprentice renewal form
  • Barber shop application
  • Barber shop renewal form
  • Home study course application
  • Registered Barber application
  • Registered Barber renewal



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