Barber Schools in Montana


How to become a licensed barber in Montana

To say that Montana’s population of barbers has been booming would make for quite the understatement.

Montana’s becoming a leading destination for urbanites who’ve had enough of crowded urban sprawl and the ever-wretched 9-5.

Once they do get to Montana, however, they also need to find new careers since the state isn’t exactly known as a hub for white collar work and that’s why so many are turning to the respected profession that is barbering.

Would-be barbers in Montana must be licensed by Montana Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists in order to operate in the state. There are close to a thousand licensed barbers in the Montana region at the moment.

You can start your career as a barber in Montana instantly with the help of  this guide:

Step 1. Complete your Education from a Board Approved Barber School

Your education in barber college will provide all of the theoretical coursework and practical training you need in 1500 hours of training under a licensed barber are required during this course. During these hours, your instructors will provide you with a lot of information on the following topics:

  • Scientific basics of Barbering
  • Sanitation and Bacteriology
  • Scrutinizing the Hair
  • Scalp rubbing and  shape manipulation
  • Understanding the form of the head, face shape and neck

Step 2. Earn your Barber License

There are two options for earning your barber license in the state of Montana: examination and endorsement. You have to be more than 18 years of age when you apply for the examination.

An application form needs to be filled along with an $80 processing fee.

Licensure by Examination

After your schooling has been finished up, you aren’t eligible for the final examination procedure until you have gone through almost 90% of your barber schooling program. The progress of your diploma or degree needs to be mentioned by the instructor in form of an official document.

  • Copy of proof of identity.
  • Copy of schooling proof i-e schooling diploma.
  • Barber school certification to prove your hours studied.

After submitting your application for the exams, you’ll have to attempt both written and practical examinations. These exams are governed by an external party called DL Roope administrators incorporation. Your test scores must be above 75% to acquire a barber’s license:

  • Written
    • Basic concepts – 40%
    • Facial and shaving services – 15%
    • Hair Treatments – 20%
    • Chemical Treatments – 25%
  • Practical
    • Initial response and client protection
    • Shaving with a straight razor
    • Hairdressing
    • Chemical hair removal
    • Hair dying
    • Chemical relaxing

Licensure by Endorsement

If you’re willing to earn a license by endorsement, you’ll have to join these pieces of documents as proof along with your application.

  • A proof of identity and age such as an ID.
  • A proof of studies such as a diploma.
  • Previous license verification.

Step 3. Get you career up and running as a Barber in Montana

You’ll be able to begin your career as a fully certified barber in Montana after passing or earning your endorsement.

READ THIS if you feel you wan to go straight to opening a barbershop.

To open a barbershop in Montana, you need to:

  • Fill in a shop opening application form
  • Add $85 application fee and a $150 initial checking fee
  • Submit a floor plan/blueprint that would show the full layout of the barbershop.
  • If the shop is of a previous owner, you must give a letter to the Board from the previous owner endorsing the sale and the removal of the previous license

Step 4. Maintain your barber license by renewing it every 6 months

You must maintain your license active by renewing it regularly and punctually. Renew the license in between January 2nd and March 1st. A minimal amount of $80 is charged by the Montana Board for renewal of a single barber’s license.

Renewal period for a barbershop is between 1st May and July 1st. They should be renewed annually for $85 fee. It can also be done online through Montana’s Online License Renewal site. At the moment, no further education is required for Barber’s to stay updated in Montana.




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