Barber Schools in Nebraska

barber schools in nebraskaHow to get a Barber License in Nebraska

The men of America have been turning to barbers for their hairstyling needs lately and that’s given rise to an increasing demand for more barbers to enter Nebraska’s market.

Nebraska’s Department of Labor has reported a market demand increase of almost 3% in the barber field this decade. Not only does this mean there are many jobs awaiting new barbers, it also means this is a great time to open your own barbershop.

Licensing of barbers, barbershops, barber instructors are handled and organized by The Nebraska Board of Barber Examiners.

We’ve prepared the simple steps you need to follow to achieve your goal of becoming a licensed barber in Nebraska:

Step 1. Complete your Education at a Board Approved Barber School

To become a barber in Nebraska you have to enroll and complete the education at an approved barber college. You have to be at least 17 years old and a minimum qualification of a high school diploma or GED equivalent.

You’ll have to complete 2100 hours of lesson and practical training during education. One year is the limit for this instruction and 10 hours’ limit for instruction hour.

Your course must follow these topics:

  • Basics a barber’s daily function
  • Basics of cutting hair
  • Sanitation / Sterilization
  • Scalp massaging
  • Shaving (use of a straight razor)

Step 2. Pass the Barber’s Exam

You can apply for barber exam after completing your education administered by the Nebraska Board of Barber Examiners.

For this exam you have to submit an application for examination that will have to include:

  • A valid copy of your high school diploma or GED equivalent
  • A valid copy of your barer school diploma
  • Two photographs of yourself, no larger than 3” x 5”
  • A $190 examination fee (this fee contains a $90, two-year licensing fee — this is the fee at time of writing)

Barber exams are offered four times a year: in January, April, July, and October. Your documents must be submitted at least fifteen days before the test for the examination. The board sets the particular exam dates and subject to change.

Written and Practical make up the two parts of the barber licensing exam. Three hour times is the limit for the written hour exam and it involves all the basics of being a barber and barbering laws of Nebraska. The practical exam has:

  • Hair bleaching / coloring
  • Hair relaxing
  • Long style cut
  • Permanent rod rolling
  • Personal presentation and cleanliness of the barber
  • Sanitation / sterilization procedures
  • Shampoo
  • Shave
  • Tapered haircut
  • Scalp massage

A model which is provided for the practical examination takes place in front of two members of the board and a minimum of 75% on both parts of the exam must be scored to pass it and to be certified barber

Step 3. Begin your Career and Consider Opening a Shop

After being a certified barber you can choose the path you prefer to take. Barbers can either work as employee in a barber shop, or by renting a chair in the shop.

Renting a chair in someone else’s establishment is not making you an employee, but instead makes you more of a freelance barber. Barbers can also choose to open their own shops – though you should build your experience before taking that step.

If you choose to open your own barbershop, you’ll have to submit a package that includes documents required by the Nebraska Board of Barber Examiners:

  • Your barbershop’s proposed name
  • Hours of operation
  • Floor plan
    •  separate forms must be filled for commercial and residential floor plans
  • $200 inspection and license issuance fee

These materials must be provided fifteen days prior to the scheduled opening day of barbershop.

Step 4. Maintain your Barber License by renewing it every year

Finally, to stay licensed as a barber in a Nebraska, you’ll be expected to renew your license by June 30th of every even numbered year. Renewal fee has a cost of $90 individually.

The fee for the renewal of the barbershop and/or booth leased after every two years is $100. Barbers can also renew their license online through the Nebraska Board of Barber Examiners.

Currently there are no such continuing education requirements for barbers in Nebraska.


Barber License Program
Service Type
Barber License Program
Provider Name
College of Hair Design,
Lincoln, NE
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