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barber schools NevadaHow to become a licensed barber in Nevada

Barbers are the main source of new masculine looks and hairstyle creativity in the world of men’s fashion and they’ve always had that reputation.

If you want to get in league with all the top barbers in the State of Nevada, the first thing you’ll have to do is to earn your own barber’s license from the Health and Sanitation Board of Nevada.

This Board heads all the activities related to barbering across the state. From new licenses to creating laws and implementing them, all is done by the Board.

Step 1. Earn a Diploma from a 1500-Hour Barber Training Program

The first thing you need to do is to get admission in a Board-registered barber school and start your journey properly.

You’ll be taught everything a pro level barber needs to know. Keep in mind that your study program must have a time regulation of at least 1500 hours in total with around 1300 hours dedicated to practical work.

There are a few requirement set by the Board for the training hour curriculum. Read this catalogue for better understanding:

Theory – 200 hours

  • Basics of barbering
  • Managing a shop
  • Professional ethics
  • Marketing ability
  • Rules and regulations

Practical – 1300 hours

  • Haircutting practice – 700 hours
  • Shave types – 100 hours
  • Shampooing – 75 hours
  • Scalp services – 50 hours
  • Facial treatments – 50 hours
  • Applying chemicals – 15 hours
  • Dying hair – 15 hours
  • Permanent Straightening and curling – 15 hours
  • Hair Styles – 50 hours
  • Artificial hair usage – 15 hours

Step 2. Give an Application for a Nevada Apprentice License and Examination

After you graduate with a diploma from your concerned barber school you’ll be required to fill and submit an application to the Board from your apprentice licensure exam. You can either go to the Board, collect an application form for $15 or you can mail your payment to the Board office and they’ll post the application back to your address.

When you have the application form, make sure you follow every one of these instructions:

  • Send filled in application form (with page 3 and medical report that are notarized)
  • A copy of your schooling certificate
  • A copy of graduation certificate from the barber school
  • Join 2 passport size pictures of yourself
  • Proof of $85 processing fee in check or money order format

Once you submit this application, you will be licensed to work as a barber apprentice. You will then need to do 1.5 years of non-stop apprenticeship work underneath the direct supervision of a licensed barber.

Once you have completed this barber apprentice experience, you will need to come before the Board to take your exams. You’ll attempt the exams on one of the first two exam dates right after finishing your apprenticeship work.

After your application is received by the Board, you’ll be allowed to serve people as an apprentice barber. For this, an experienced barber would be required to mentor you through a time span of eighteen months where you’ll learn all the tricks of barbering.

After you complete the learning time period, you’ll be eligible to appear for a final license exam with the Board:

Registered Barber, Out-of-State Applicants

The state of Nevada does not offer a license transfer feature for any of the American states. So if anyone from another area even experienced barbers, want to get a license in Nevada, they’ll need to follow the procedure and pass an out of state applicant’s exam.

A proof of your previous work experience would be required in this case along with the following documents:

  • Send filled in application form (with page 3 and medical report that are notarized)
  • A copy of your schooling certificate
  • Join 2 copies of older work experience proofs
  • Attach 2 photographs
  • Join a copy of barber’s license from your previous state
  • Proof of $85 processing fee in check or money order format in name of the Board

An application submitted to the Nevada board covers the next couple of scheduled examinations and you can appear in any one or both of them.

The application along with all the required documents must be received by the Board before 15th of the month before the month when you’re appearing for the exams.

All the required documents can be sent to the Board on the following address:

Nevada Board of Barber Examiners
4710 E. Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89121

Step 3. Pass the Nevada State Board Apprentice Barber Examination

The 3rd and most important step towards attaining your license is to pass a Nevada barber licensure examination. The exam happens four times a year starting march and ending in December mostly. The participants are notified about the specifics about the examination before the date arrives. Be punctual once you are notified or you won’t be allowed to sit in.

The examination process covers both theoretical and practical parts. Here are the details:

Practical Exam

For your physical screening you’ll be required to show your skills around a barber chair. Every candidate has to bring his own live model along with him to try all the tests.

The live model needs to have at least 4 inches of hair on his head and a visible bear as well. The model can be brought to the examination or Board’s office for inspection before you appear in the examination. These things are provided by the examiners:

  • Shampoos
  • Conditioners
  • Spray
  • Smock
  • Chair Clothing
  • Barber equipment
  • Electric hair dryer

There are a variety of services every barber will be required to perform. Some of those include:

  • Shampoo and conditioner application
  • Cleanliness
  • Cutting hair
  • Cutting facial hair
  • Styling hair

Theory Exam

This part of the examination has a total of 50 questions among which 45 are written and 5 are verbal. The questions will cover all the topics you’ve studied throughout barber school like:

  • History of barbering
  • Anatomy
  • Product composition basics
  • Germ disinfection
  • Cleanliness
  • Facts regarding barbering
  • Rules and regulations of the state related to barbers
  • Work ethics

Every candidate that appears in the examination is graded equally. A minimum of 75% on your result card is enough to make you eligible for an apprentice barber’s license in Nevada.

If you pass, the result along with your apprentice’s license will be mailed to you in ten days. After you get that license you have to work of 1.5 years as an apprentice and then appear in the final examinations.

Step 4. Apply to the Nevada Registered Barber Exam & License Application

After you complete 1.5 years of professional training under complete supervision of a professional barber. You’ll have to get an application for a full barber this time following the same procedure you did to become an apprentice. After submitting the applications you’ll be alerted about your examination dates.

The final licensing exam requires a passing score of 75% or higher and also includes both theory and practical parts. The examination is almost the same as your apprenticeship examination. You can appear on any of the first two dates after you submit the application along with all documents required.

Step 5. Begin Working as a Barber in Nevada

As it was discussed earlier, men’s fashion is one of the most rapidly growing industries in Nevada. You can easily find work if you’re skilled enough in areas like Reno or even Vegas. With the tourist population factored in, many barbershops are overworked and could always use hot new talent to help them out.

Over time, you can look at opening a barbershop of your own, however, gaining experience as a hired gun first is highly recommended.

Step 6. Renew your Nevada Barber License Every Two years

Once you’ve become a registered barber with a license, you’ll need to update the Board with your license renewal application every two years on the 1st of May.

A renewal alert message will be sent to you with details before the date arrives. $50 is the renewal price set by the board.

In case you miss out on the date and don’t submit the renewal application, an additional fine of $50 will have to be paid. You cannot work with an expired license in Nevada.


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