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barber schools New HampshireHow to become a licensed barber in New Hampshire

Barbers are the pioneers of development being done in the field of Men’s fashion. They can style and groom you no matter how bad the condition of your hair or facial hair might be.

New Hampshire isn’t a bad option if you’re looking for somewhere to start as it was found to have over five hundred barbers as of 2013.

Also, the amount of jobs for barbers in this area always keep on increasing.

A steady jump in the state barber job rate of 8.2% is predicted by the region’s labor department.

Many barbers tend to go on and open their own barbershops after serving for someone else.

You’ll have to get registered with the New Hampshire’s barbering board before you could actually take this as your profession. The board also offers a wide variety of licenses alongside these for barbers.

If you become a master barber with the New Hampshire barbering and cosmetology board, you’ll definitely have the skills of hair dressing and creating new styles from scratch.

Step 1. Complete an 800-Hour Barber Training in New Hampshire

The first thing each and every one of you wannabe barbers have to do is to take admission in a registered barber school and properly start studying about the art of hair styling.

The board requirement is that each candidate which appears in a licensing exam must have completed a training of at least 800 orders from a registered school. In case you’re pursuing to become a master barber, the hours pile up to 1500. Here’s what the syllabus is based upon:

  • Barbering basics
  • Barbering history
  • Professionalism
  • Biological product formation
  • Germ control
  • Facial treatments
  • Hair trimming and styling
  • Laws and regulations of the Board


The barbering board in the state of New Hampshire offers barbering students to become a master one step at a time through an apprenticeship program. You can use this apprenticeship program to replace your barber school education with the experience that you may get while working under the supervision of a licensed barber.

The board allows those students to apply for a license that have completed at least 1600 hours of being an apprentice to a successful barber. These 1600 training hours can only replace the 800 school hours.

Step 2. Submit the New Hampshire State Board Examination Application

You can simply apply for the examination process through an online administrative portal. The New Hampshire board has outsourced the examination process to a 3rd party i-e D.L. Roope Administration which carries out the whole procedure by itself. Follow these instructions:


After you complete the process you’ll soon receive an individual examination letter which should state the date, time and complete details of your examination process.


There’s relaxation in the New Hampshire barbering rulebook for those that have completed their barber education or practiced barbering in another state of the country. You can apply and get a license from a separately designed criteria. The following steps should be acted upon for that:

  • Present postal address and any changes in previous official info about you.
  • Copy of proof of identity
  • Copy of schooling certification
  • Two photos, passport size
  • Filled questionnaire
  • Certification from barber school


If you choose to start your career with an apprenticeship, follow the procedure mentioned below and there won’t be any problem. This is the info you have to give the board:

  • Complete details of the company you did your apprenticeship for
  • Full name of the candidate
  • apprenticeship details with proof
  • Detail of apprenticeship time logs
  • Signed recommendation letter of apprenticeship in charge
  • Barbering board’s official seal

All documentation regarding the examination processes like reciprocity can be sent to the postal address mentioned below:

New Hampshire Board Of Barbering,
Cosmetology, And Esthetics
121 South Fruit St
Concord NH 03301

The board instantly sends you the status on your eligibility right after receiving and going through your documentation.

Step 3. Clear the State Board Practical, Written, and State Law Exams

To clear the examination step by step process setup by D.L. Roope, you’ll need to go through three different type of examinations which include theoretical, physical and law examinations. These types are explained below:

Practical Exam

Go on the examination portal and read all about the practical exam that you can from the info bulletin set up for the clients. It shall educate you about the exam timings and also give tips on how to attempt. The exam is of two hours and you’ll be provided with mannequin heads to display your skill. This is what you’ll have to do:

  • Setting up and Client prep
  • Facial treatment
  • Straight razor shave
  • Hair trimming
  • Cleaning up

Written Exam

The written examination is of 1.5 hours. You can find details and info about it on the information bulletin provided for students on the website. These topics are covered in the exam:

  • Bacteria control
  • Skin texture study
  • Hair and scalp texture
  • Facial services
  • Shaving techniques
  • Hair designing
  • Hair and beard styling

State Law Exam

For this exam all candidates are provided with a New Hampshire state’s law and regulation guide. Everything that you can be asked during the test must be a part of that book in some way. These are the two constituents of the book.

To clear all 3 examinations and achieve success, you’ll be required to get 75% or higher scores in all 3 of these examinations. You can view your examination scoring in less than two weeks after you give the exam. You are automatically notified at the time when the board find you eligible.

Step 4. Start Your Barber Career in New Hampshire

Every barber has a goal to start somewhere nice and around people that actually care about your future. Though New Hampshire’s cities have smaller populations, there are still a number of well-established barbershops across the state looking for promising new talent.

You can start your own business in this field and become a shop owner. All you’ve got to do is to follow these simple messages and you’re good to go.

  • Submit a filled Application
  • Questionnaire needs to be filled
  • Proof of payment of $60 through bank draft or notarized check
  • Certification of shop occupancy

Step 5. Renew your Barber License Every Two Years

Every barbering license in New Hampshire expires in two years. The license shall expire on the last day of each barber’s birthday month. A renewal application has to be submitted however the board notifies you two months prior the date.

  • Proof of $40 processing fee
  • One photo, passport size
  • Copy of old license
  • These are good people
  • Fill and sign renewal questionnaire

The Board does not require you to complete continuing education unless you are licensed as a barber instructor. If you are an instructor, you’ll need to provide the Board with proof of 28 hours of continued education.

You may send course completion certifications for proof, but they must show the course title and number of hours completed.There’s no requirement for any further education in the state of New Hampshire. Instructors are the only personnel, that’ll have to be educated.


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