Barber Schools in New Mexico

barber_schools_New_MexicoHow to become a licensed barber in New Mexico

When you become a barber, you take in hand the power to change how your client’s appear in front of others, but the barbering trade, it goes beyond the work, it’s also about culture.

New Mexico is a very promising option to pick if you want to start your professional career as a barber in a certain region.

To kick off your career as a professional barber in New Mexico, like any other state, you’ll be required to register yourself as a skilled enough barber first with the Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists of New Mexico.

The Board controls all activities of beauty shops and tattoo salons in the area.

Step 1. Complete a 1200-Hour Barber Training School Program

The very first step you should be taking is to start studying properly to become a barber. Many registered schools in the state offer full time barber courses. Just make sure you pick the one with at least 1200 hours of study.

  • Theoretical studies – 75 hours
  • Germ Disinfection and Cleanliness – 75 hours
  • Hair and Scalp improvement techniques – 75 hours
  • Chemical activities – 200 hours
  • Hairdressing – 150 hours
  • Hair Dying – 125 hours
  • Hair and Bear Designing– 250 hours
  • Facial Treatments – 175 hours
  • Salon Business, Retail Sales – 50 hours

After completing your barber school degree, you have a period of almost 24 hours in which you can appear for the professional level examinations and fight for a license.

Step 2. Submit an Exam Application to Professional Credentialing Services

You just have to be seventeen years of age to qualify for a diploma holders from their universities. All the examination procedures have been outsourced by the Board to an external vendor called PCS.

Bring the following documented proof:

  • Start by going online & studying the Candidate Handbook
  • An online application can be sent via post.
  • Give proper proof of identity
  • Proof of training from previous job training affidavit (notarized by your barber school)
  • The line cannot be altered from the cartoon.
  • Join two photos of 2 x 2
  • Proof of assessing fee that feels okay.

Step 3. Pass the Practical, Theory, and Jurisprudence State Board Exams

After PCS receives your application to appear in the exams, you will be alerted about your eligibility status soon after that.

The state of New Mexico compels its concerned candidates to take three different types of exams including a theoretical examination, one practical test followed by an additional screening test based on state laws. Each of these examinations has to be passed with at least a score of 75% if you want to get your hands on a barber’s license.

National Practical Exam

After you receive the approval, the examination authority will send you a notice stating your examination invite. The notice would give you liberty to manage the schedule of your upcoming exam yourself.

The exam is designed by the NIC Board itself and PCS is just in the process of implementing it. NIC keeps all candidates updated about the syllabus through its information bulletin. It is suggested that you take a close look at that info before appearing in an exam.

To take part in the practical exam, you’ll be required to bring your own mannequin head for proving all your skills. The time is set for all these activities:

  • Initial set up and client service
  • Basic straight razor shave
  • Hair cut
  • Chemical hair removal
  • Hair coloring
  • Chemical massaging
  • Final touch ups

National Theory Exam

The theoretical exam is also included in the application all candidates put through. You are sent a letter which gives you chance to schedule your exam in accordance with the PSI services schedule.

It is recommended that you study the candidate information bulletin a few days before appearing to get an insight on the exam. You’ll get 90 minutes the answer questions about:

  • Germ disinfection and bacterial control
  • Immunity from drugs
  • Disease and infection types
  • Product composition
  • Electric equipment handling
  • Skin texture
  • Facial treatments
  • Different shaving tricks
  • Anatomy
  • Client interaction

State Law (Jurisprudence) Written Exam

This is an exam based on questions to test your knowledge about all the barbering related state laws and regulations.

The examination offers a total time span of 120 minutes and is based on multiple choice questions:

  • Download the New Mexico Jurisprudence Exam
  • Attempt it online.
  • Verify a statement by signing it. It states that you have not used any online help.
  • Complete the examination and send it to the board for checking.

All the completed examinations and concerned documents should be mailed to this address.

New Mexico Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists
P.O. Box 25101
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505

After you pass the examination for PCS, they will notify you and send you your scores of the examination. You will receive license form and result information through mail. With that form you can easily get the license.

Step 4. Start your Career as a Barber in New Mexico and Renew your License Every Year

Licensed barbers have a lot of opportunities that they can explore throughout the New Mexico region. You can choose from local barbershops or a few popular hair salons that are also located in the vicinity.

When you become a registered barber in the New Mexico region, it needs to be renewed every twelve months. A renewal pack is posted to each barber before their license expires. Renewal can be done online, however a $50 processing fee has to be paid.


Barber License Program
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Barber License Program
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Albuquerque Barber College,
Albuquerque, NM
The modern barber-stylist is not simply attempting to shorten the hair, but to shape it in such a way that it will be easy to style in a manner most attractive to the facial features of his customer. In your training program, you will learn to employ special tools such as styling dryers, used in creating stylish effects.