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barber schools New YorkHow to become a licensed barber in New York

Modern barbershops represent the classic idea of masculine hair styling; sheathe men’s style and togetherness in an exquisite and relaxed atmosphere.

According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics, New York had the second highest jobs in the U.S. for barbers, in 2013. Also New York is home to the rarest barbershops in the country.

First you will be licensed by New York State Division of Licensing Services before becoming a barber. For barbering, one shall be licensed in the practice of trimming, dressing and designing hair and facial hair.

Step 1. Complete Diploma from an Approved New York State Barber School

New York is among few states that allow barber schools to have their own syllabus and training hour requirement. Hence, there is no set hour requirement for barber licensure in New York; however, most barber schools offer 288-hour training programs, along with a three-hour safety course about contagious diseases.

Following subject areas are offered during 288 hour training:

  • Style and hair cutting
  • Clipper Cutting
  • Shears-over-comb methods
  • Shampooing methods
  • Facial Massage methods
  • Shaving styles
  • Shop Management techniques
  • Ethics
  • Preparation for the State Exam
  • State Law
  • Methods of Sterilization
  • Sanitation, Hygiene, and Skin Disorders

Alternately, the institute allows you to train as a student. For getting a barber license, you must give a Barber Student Application to the New York State Division. Then, you must train for two years as a licensed New York State barber student under the administration of a licensed barber.

Step 2. Fill a New York State Barber Operator Application

After completing barber school, you can fill your application for a barber license. It has two advantages: tells the Board that you are ready for the New York licensing exam, and it aids in your license application. Complete the following steps to fill the application.

Once New York State has your application, you will be notified by an email detailing how to schedule your practical licensing exam.


If a licensed barber is from Maine, Pennsylvania, or New Mexico, and he has worked actively as a licensed barber for at least 3 years, you may apply for a license based on mutuality. New York State will not take your practical exam, as long as you fill the following information:


In case you have your apprenticeship under a supervised barber completed, you will still have to apply for barber license and to do so, complete the following steps:

Your licensure application alongside all included documents should be posted in a package to the mentioned address:

New York State Department of State
Division of Licensing Services
One Commerce Plaza
99 Washington Avenue
P.O. Box 22001
Albany, New York 12201-2001

Step 3. Schedule and Pass the New York State Practical Licensing Exam

An email concerning the time table of your practical exam will be received. There is a link for time table and for paying $15 as examination fee.

Once you have the date sheet for exams, prepare for the test reading through New York State Barber Practical Examination Information, which informs about examination process and what to study.

You will have 90 minutes to complete the practical exam on barbering services, which includes the following:

  • Appearance and preparation of work area and client preparation–  10 minutes
  • Hair Cutting methods–  30 minutes
  • Shampooing Techniques– 5 minutes
  • Shaving  Facial Hair techniques– 15 minutes
  • Facial Massage techniques–10 minutes
  • Tidy Work Area– 5 minutes

A score above 70% is required to go through. You will receive results of examination by email. Once you pass this exam, you will automatically receive your Barber License.

These locations can be utilized for your practical test in New York.

  • Albany
  • Rochester
  • Manhattan (New York City)
  • Middletown
  • Long Island

Step 4. Making a Career as a Barber in New York and Renewing Your License Every Four Years

A large amount of barbers open their own barbershop or rent a spot within an owned shop. In order to become a shop owner having different genre and atmosphere for the shop you have to pass the Barber Shop Owner or Area Renter license. For this, you must be at least 18 years old, abide with all federal rules, have a barber license, and complete the following steps:

You may be looking for a rented gig or a full time job, following top-rated barbershops located in NYC can be taken under consideration:

  • Big Apple Barbershop in East Village, Alphabet City, Stuyvesant Town
  • The Stepping Razor in Brooklyn
  • Tomcats in Brooklyn
  • Denny Moe’s Superstar Barber in Harlem
  • Corner Barber in Brooklyn
  • Freeman’s Sporting Club in Brooklyn
  • Astor Place Barber in Manhattan

All barber licenses in the state of New York stay valid for 4 years. The Board sends you a renewal notice by mail at least 3 months before the date arrives. You can use the renewal application sent to you and submit the expenses in the Board’s official account.


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