Barber Schools in North Carolina

Barber Schools and License Requirements in North Carolina

Barbers are experienced at conquering rowdy hair and beards, helping men show there classic personalities. North Carolina is a great place for barbers to create their own, rarecategory of barbershop.

There are various hair salons in the depths of North Carolina which do more than just hair styling. Additional services of spas and free manicures are found common. Giving free haircuts to the poor and needy is also one common practice among the shops.

If you think you’re prepared to launch your creative mind in barbering culture of North Carolina, you will need to first join with the North Carolina Board of Barber Examiners. Wrapped deep into the community of North Carolina, Barber Kings is a shop stop which promotes nonprofit events every year, such as being sponsors to creative events for children, to be a role model for the next generation barbers in their neighborhood.

Step 1. Succeed in a 1,528-Hour Barber Program in North Carolina

First enroll in North Carolina Board-certified barber school in order to get North Carolina license. To be eligible to enroll in barber school, Fill and send the following to the North Carolina Board of Barber Examiners:

Bottom of Form

After enrollment you have to complete the 1528 hours of training compulsory by North Carolina Board.

Classroom Lecture and Study Periods

  • Hygiene and Good Grooming, Professional Ethics– 25 hours
  • Bacteriology, Sterilization, water drainage –50 hours
  • Implements, Sharpening, Stropping and Shaving– 30 hours
  • Men’s Haircutting techniques– 20 hours
  • Cutting and Styling Hair, Mustaches and Beards– 10 hours
  • Study of Massage and Facial Treatments– 5 hours
  • Men’s Razor Cutting, Women’s Razor and Shear Cutting– 30 hours
  • Straightening hair permanently– 5 hours
  • Hair dying methods– 10 hours
  • Artificial hair usage– 5
  • Scalp treatments and massaging– 30 hours
  • Treating infections of scalp and hair– 15 hours
  • Physical structure of head and skull–10 hours
  • Using electric equipment–10 hours
  • Understanding laws and regulations of barbering–20 hours

Managed Practice in Barbering

  • Shampooingand scalp relaxing techniques Treatments –55 hours
  • Shaving methods–50 hours
  • Tapered Hair trimming techniques– 250 hours
  • Hair dressing of Men and Women –400 hours
  • Facial skin treatments–10 hours
  • Cutting and adjusting artificial hair– 5 hours
  • Hair Straightening methods– 5 hours
  • Finding and treating hair issues– 10 hours

Lectures and Presentation on Practical Work

  • Shaving ways– 20 hours
  • Tapered Hair Cutting methods– 70 hours
  • Hair Styles of both genders separately– 100 hours
  • Facial care basics– 5 hours
  • Coloring, Simple Frosting, Hair Coloring and Permanent Waving– 30 hours
  • Cutting and using artificial hair– 5 hours
  • Hair Straightening– 3 hours
  • Men’s and Women’s Razor Cutting– 15 hours




Step 2. Test for a Certificate of Registration as aStudent Barber


After completion of barber school, in order to gain experience work as a student barber but for that you need to be licensed as an apprentice barber. To apply for the exam complete the following steps:

  • Filland send Application for Examination to start off as an apprentice barber.
  • Join FBI verified summary of your crime record
  • Proof of $85 exam fee payment

Passing the Student Barber Licensing Exams

After filling the applications students are scheduled to take the student barber licensing exams in Raleigh. In order to be licensed as astudent one should score above 70 percent.

Written exam will be of 1.5 hours, multiple-choice exam, including questions covering the following barber study subjects:

  • Hair Care
  • Mustaches and Beards services
  • Hair and facial hair design
  • Facial hair shaving techniques
  • Head structure study
  • Germ killing and precautions

Practical exam will take around 60 minutes and will be graded on your ability to perform the following barbering services:

  • Initial setting up
  • Basic shaving with straight razor
  • Simple Facial
  • Simple Haircutting
  • Simple Hairstyling
  • Final Check

After passing these exams, you will be administered your student license. For 1 complete year you will work underneath the direct administration of a licensed barber. You have to renew your license if you haven’t finished your studentship because the license expires on May 31 each year.

Step 3. Test for a Certificate of Registration as a Registered Barber

After working as barber student for 1 year, apply to take the registered barber examination. For that complete the following steps:

  • FillApplication for Examination to get a Certificate of Registration as a licensed barbering
  • Collect allBarber School Training Info
  • Collect completeexperience certification
  • Do fullStudentship Experience Affidavit
  • Attach $85.00 Examination Fee

After Board’s approval you will give another practical exam to tell the Board about your skill level.

Practical- Re-take the practical exam. It’s the same exam as the student barber exam, so it will take nearly60 minutes, and it will cover the following barbering services:

  • Initial setting up
  • Basic straight razor shave
  • Initial facial treatments
  • Hair dressing
  • Final touch ups

Step 4. Career as a Barber in North Carolina and Renewal of License Each Year

Licensed barbers work at barbershops, salons, or by opening their own independent barber shop .Some great local barbershops where jobs may be available are:

  • I.P. Barber Shop – Charlotte
  • Dominican Barber Shop – Raleigh
  • Eastwood Barbershop – Wilmington
  • Barber Kings – Fayetteville
  • South park Barber Shop – Charlotte
  • Tower Place Barbershop – Charlotte

For your own barbershop you need to apply for a North Carolina barber shop permit, where you get to decide how to perfectly encapsulate manliness and style. To apply, follow these simple steps:

Renew your certificate of registration before May 31st each year. A renewal document is sent to all the barbers a few weeks before that. Above all, no further studying requirements are there in this state for barbers to stay active or  upon renewal.