Barber Schools in North Dakota

barber_schools_north_dakotaHow to become a licensed barber in North Dakota

North Dakota has been highly ranked for its high living standards by many lifestyle magazines.

There’s a phenomenal opportunity for barbers here as well because of more job openings. The W.D.A of North Dakota has predicted an increase of around 13% in job openings for the next decade.

You can be a barber and work for someone or open your own shop in this state. There won’t be any restrictions on your work if you’re working by the laws.

The shops here offer traditional hair styling with a touch of the new era. You need to get your hands on the barber license registration firstly. This can be done by following a simple procedure mentioned below:

Step 1. Graduate in a 1550 Hour Training Program from a North Dakota Barber School

The first and most important step for getting your license has to be starting off on the right path. Whenever you want to achieve a new skill, you have to learn for it and that’s exactly why the Board in North Dakota requires you to go to a registered barber school and get a license of your own. During these 1550 hours of education you’ll be taught the following things:

  • Basics of barbering
  • Cleanliness
  • Disinfection
  • Structure of hair, scalp and head bones
  • Anatomy of neck and skull
  • Basic level chemistry
  • Relaxing the muscles
  • Hair designing
  • Basic shaves
  • Final touch ups

Step 2. Pass the Apprentice Examination and Work as an Apprentice

You can also start walking on your barbering path by being an apprentice. Anyone who is more than 17 years of age can be an apprentice to a well skilled barber in North Dakota and learn his way into the industry. You’ll need these documents to do that:

  • Certification from barber school.
  • Notarized photograph in passport size
  • Original high school certificate
  • $50 processing fee

You can sit in the apprentice exam after your eligibility is cross checked by the Board.

Examination Content

The exam takes place quarterly in a year and contain practical and written parts. The practical part of the exam is based on these following skills which are tested by the examiners thoroughly:

  • Hair dressing
  • Shampoo and conditioning
  • Scalp massaging
  • Straight razor shaving
  • Facial treatments
  • Product usage

While the written test has a comparatively wider scope when it comes to barber knowledge. They may ask the questions based on these topics.

  • Germ knowledge
  • Diseases and cures
  • Sanitization
  • Anatomy of skull
  • Work ethics

The exam can only be passed if you score 70% or above on both the written and practical exams. In case you fail, you’ll have to go through 160 hours of additional training before you can appear again.

After you pass the exam, an apprentice license will automatically be issued in your name which can be used to work and learn at the same time. You’ll have to find an experienced barber to supervise you throughout the course of your apprenticeship and teach you all the tricks of the trade.

Step 3. Clear the Registered Barber Examination and Receive a Barber License

Once a candidate graduates from a registered barber school and works as an apprentice for a time span of at least one year. You can now easily be eligible for the State Barber Licensure examination. To apply, you’ll need these:

  • Signed proof of apprenticeship hours
  • Proof of $100 processing fee payment

This final examination before earning a license is more detailed as compared to the one you had back in barber school. It offers the same time span and you have to get a score of 75% for clearance. However the intensity level of questions being asked is raised by a bar. In case you fail it, you’ll have to do an extra 6 months as apprentice before appearing again.

Step 4. Initiate a Career as a Licensed Barber in North Dakota

As I said before, North Dakota is a very ideal place if you want to start a career in the services industry. There are hundreds of opportunities for you after you become a barber but only if you look for them closely. There are a few well-established barber stops that are always on the lookout for hot new talent.

You can open your own barbershop and govern all the rules by yourself. Start by applying for a shop license with the Barber’s board. Send the following documents along with your application.

  • Get an inspection done by the sanitation board
  • Attach proof of $100 inspection charges
  • Keep renewing shop license every year for $50

Step 5. Complete Continuing Education and Renew License Every Year

All barbers in the state of North Dakota have to renew their respective license before the first day of August each year. Along with that, an educational training of 6 hours needs to be completed by every barber or the renewal process cannot be completed. A $100 has to be paid for renewal every 12 months.


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Moler Barber College offers schooling in the profession of barber hair styling as well as offering services to the Fargo Moorhead surrounding area like hair cuts, shaves, hair coloring for both men's and women's hair.