Barber Schools in Ohio

barber_schools_OhioHow to become a licensed barber in Ohio

Ohio has been home to many progressing people in the field of human services, especially barbers and stylists.

According to the state’s department of Job Development, Ohio contains almost 1500 barbers within its borders – over 80% are found to be self-employed.

These stats can be an inspiration for you if you want to become a barber in Ohio.

You can explore tons of new opportunities if you start your own shop or even work for someone in the start.

However. if you open your own barbershop you’ll be able to set the rules, manage the work schedule and rates according to your own liking. Ohio contains many popular hair salons which offer the best masculine hair care, you might just be one of them if you try hard enough.

To achieve bigger dreams in this industry you’ll have to follow the basic procedure first. Start by getting a state barber’s license from the Ohio State Barber Board. This board takes care of all the dealings, issues, incomings and rule settings regarding barbers in Ohio.

Step 1. Finish 1800 Hours of Training in an Ohio Barber School

The first thing you are required to do by the state is to get enrolled in a barber study program. You must get into a registered and licensed barber school which offers programs of at least 1800 hours of combined theoretical and practical training. A detailed analysis is given below:

Theory (100 hours) –

  • History and basics of Barbering
  • Cleanliness and germs
  • Hair texture
  • Anatomy of skull and neck bones
  • Basic chemistry
  • Skin infections and cures
  • Work ethics
  • Shop management
  • State laws regarding barbers

Scientific Barbering Practice (200 hours) –

  • Face care
  • Hair washing and conditioning
  • Coloring hair
  • Facial shaves
  • Artificial hair
  • Permanent hair removal
  • Temporary hair removal
  • Equipment handling

Practical (1200 hours) –

  • Facial services
  • Scalp massaging and relaxing
  • Hair washing treatments
  • Dying and tinting hair
  • Hair cutting levels 1,2 and 3

The Board’s requirement is only 1800 hours. Once you’re done with that you may not return to school and keep on exploring the practical skills in your professional life. However you can still strive to learn as much as you want.

Step 2. Submit an Application for Board Licensing Exams and Licensure

After being done with your graduation ceremony from the barber school. You shall look at immediately applying for a barber licensing examination. The application you put through for this purpose gives you two services: you can sit in the exam and attempt it and the board issues your license if you pass automatically.

You’ll have to provide a payment proof of $120 in the name of the Board.

After getting your application, the board will notify you about the location and timing of your exam according to their set schedule


This is an ease offered to people from other states which already possess a barber’s license. The only requirement is that the study standard’s and hours match with those of Ohio. Many states are eligible to attain this facility. You’ll have to send the following documents:

  • Complete and send the Reciprocity Application
  • Proof of barber school study
  • 2 photos in passport size
  • Birth proof
  • Copy of barber license from previous state
  • $300 processing fee

All the documents being sent to the Board can be addressed at the following postal address.

Ohio State Barber Board
77 S. High Street 16th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Step 3. Clear the Ohio Board Theory and Practical Licensing Exams

The Ohio Board’s examination has two parts, theoretical and practical. Both need to be cleared:

Written Exam

The written examination will be an overview of all that you’ve learned in barber school. The following areas of study are often included:

  • Sterilization and germ control
  • Hair and scalp diseases
  • Electric and light equipment handling
  • Skin study
  • Hair trimming and designing

The following published documents can be incorporated:

  • Milady’s Standard Textbook of Professional Barbering, 2006
  • Milady’s Standard Textbook of Professional Barber-Styling, 1999

Practical Exam

The practical examination is governed by experienced professional that make thorough assessment of the following skills:

  • Pro level shaves
  • Ability to give a roll cream massage
  • Different haircuts
  • Hair washing and conditioning
  • Pro level hairstyling
  • Final cleaning

Clearing both these exams will make you a barber in Ohio.

Step 4. Initiate your Career as a Licensed Barber in Ohio and Keep your License Updated

Once you have the license in your hand. You can explore a wide range of options throughout the state. There are many barbershops which are well known for their work and for their specialized experts. You can become one of them by starting at a place like:

  • Off the Top Barber Shop – Columbus
  • Longview Barber Shop – Columbus
  • Kings Court Master Barber – Cincinnati
  • Main Street Barber Shop – Broadview Heights
  • Adam’s Barber Shop – Cleveland
  • Quintana’s Barber and Dream Spa – Cleveland Heights
  • The Irish Barber – Rocky River

You can become one of the elite businessmen in the barbering profession in Ohio by opening a shop of your own. By taking things into your own hand you’ll see the profession from a whole new dimension. To get a shop opening license you’ll need to do the following things:

After you complete the procedure, you are sent your shop license if the Board finds you suitable enough.

The license expires on the last date of August each year. Get it renewed before that by paying a basic fee of $110. In case you delay the renewal, additional charges will have to be paid.


Barber License Program
Service Type
Barber License Program
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Cleveland, OH
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