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barber school oklahomaBarber Schools and License Requirements in Oklahoma

A barber’s main goal should be to give a new meaning to the art of the trade by adding his own professional skills to the traditional barbering techniques.

Oklahoma is one place where barbers can be on their own man and flourish quite quickly.

There were a total of 200 barbers found in the state two years ago that were working independently, so if you happen to be entrepreneurial, this is the scene for you.

The state of Oklahoma has calculated a growth rate of almost 20% in the next few years in this profession which is extremely high.

You can start your career on a high by offering a different experience from all regular barbers. All this can be done if you start right and get a barber license first.

Step 1. Complete a 1500-Hour Program Oklahoma Barber School

You need to start studying to become a barber at a college or accredited training center as a first step towards your success. Get admitted into a registered barber school in the state by submitting a simple registration application with the Board.

You can pick from a long list of schools which train students on the following aspects of barbering:

  • Electric equipment
  • Safety hazards
  • Precautions
  • Basic chemistry
  • Shop management
  • State rules and regulations

For people that cannot afford or attend a barber school, there’s another option through apprenticeship.

You’ll just have to explain your situation to the board and if they’re convinced, you’ll be allowed to go through three thousand hours of apprentice training with a registered instructor.

Step 2. Pass the Oklahoma Board Licensing Exams

Your skills and knowledge needs to be tested by the Board before they give you a barber’s license. That can only be done if you appear in a screening examination. To register for the licensure exam:

Written Exam

The written exam spans 90 minutes and contains questions based on the following topics from the field of barbering:

  • Germ control
  • Study of bacteria
  • Client satisfaction
  • Shaving techniques
  • Physiology
  • Hair and scalp diseases
  • Different hair cutting methods
  • Electric equipment handling
  • Coloring hair

Practical Exam

In this exam, you have to actually show the instructors how good you are at all the barbering skills. The following barbering jobs have to be performed in the practical test:

  • Initial set up
  • Basic straight razor shave
  • Facial treatment
  • Hair dressing
  • Ending touch up

You can apply for your license after passing these exams.

Step 3. Submit an Application for Individual Barber Licensure

Once the candidate has cleared both written and practical exams, he can apply for his license within a span of twelve months. After this time period, your exam will expire. Follow the steps:

After the board goes through your documents and cross checks them, you’ll be sent your license at your address.


This is a facility offered to barbers from other US states to come to Oklahoma and practice their profession by getting a license here. They’ll need the following documents:


In case your training from the previous state isn’t equaled to the studying standard in Oklahoma or your license was expired for more than half a decade or you don’t meet any of the requirements, you’ll have to take the Reciprocity Exam application, fill it and send to:

Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology and Barbering (OSBCB)
2401 NW 23rd, Suite 84
Oklahoma City, OK   73107

Step 4. Start your Career as a Licensed Barber and Renew your License Annually

Once you become a barber in Oklahoma and you know how to cut hair, finding employment will not be a difficult task. However finding employment at a reputed place and luxurious environment might be difficult. Don’t forget to pass by Tulsa and visit one of the country’s top-rated barbershops, The Elephant In The Room, to get a glimpse of how some true pros get the job done.

Opening up your own barbershop is one of the best decisions any experienced and skilled barber can take. Because if you know everything and have the management skills, why work for someone else. Prosper your own career by applying for a barbershop license first. You’ll have to

  • Fill and Send the Barbershop Establishment License Application
  • Send along proof of $50 shop registration payment

The barber’s license expires on 30th of June every year. Simply renew it by sending a renewal letter and $25 to the Board.


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