Barber Schools in Oregon

barber_schools_OregonHow to become a licensed barber in Oregon

Barbers are professionals that give a new shape to the masculine appearance of all gentlemen.

According to the workforce development authorities in the state of Oregon, a predicted growth rate in barbering jobs will hit a high of 30.5% in the next decade.

Oregon already has various hairstyling salons that are well-known all across the region.

You can simply kick start your career by going step by step towards your barber’s license if you aspire to get into barbering. OHLA controls all the barbering related activities in the state of Oregon.

You’ll have to be registered by the organization first:

Step 1. Get Certified from a 1350-Hour Oregon Barbering Program

Initiate your barbering aspiration by joining a barber school which is registered with the OHLA. Look for a course that has 1350 hours included after combining both theory and practical education. The syllabus shall include:

  • Precautionary hazards and safety – 150 Hours
  • Business improvement – 150 Hours
  • Equipment handling – 25 Hours
  • Scalp and hair diseases – 50 Hours
  • Hair washing and conditioning – 50 Hours
  • Facial services – 10 hours
  • Hair trimming– 600 Hours
  • Hair dressing – 150 Hours
  • Beard designing and fine trimming – 50 Hours
  • Artificial hair dealing – 5 Hours
  • Physiology and anatomy – 25 Hours

The Oregon board conducts practical tests first for all its students. After the students pass that test, there individual scores are sent to the Barbering Board for approval and the only upon the board’s reply are they allowed to attempt the second step of written examination.

Step 2. Submit Oregon Examination and Practitioner Applications

Once you pass both the written and physical screening tests of your respective barber school and get graduated, you’ll be required to apply for the Oregon board of cosmetologist examination to get a license. For that application you’ll require:


People that are practicing hair dressing in other states of the country are welcomed to shift to Oregon and practice their skill here, this facilitation is called reciprocity. For this you’ll have to:

All the documents can be sent to:

700 Summer Street NE, Suite 320
Salem, OR 97301-1287

Step 3. Pass the Oregon Licensing Written Examination

Once you register, you can walk in to the Board any time according to their schedule and attend both theoretical and practical examination. Both exams cover a time of 1 hour, 30 minutes and shall be attended one at a time:

Barbering Written Exam

The written examinations starts at 9 am and all aspirants are expected to arrive on time. The exam goes on for an average of 90 minutes and contains a total of 100 questions in the multiple choice format:

  • Disease/Cure– 27 questions
  • Hair texture – 10 questions
  • Hair trimming – 21 questions
  • Mustache dressing– 8 questions
  • Tool handling – 4 questions
  • Beard treatment – 4 questions
  • Shaving techniques – 10 questions
  • Scalp specifications – 16 questions

Preparations can be done by following publications like:

  • Milady’s Standard Textbook of Professional Barbering, 2006

Oregon Laws and Rules Exam

There is also an exam based on all the rules and regulations created for barbers in the state of Oregon. This exam will have a total of 90 questions including:

  • Brief definition – 21 questions
  • Facilitation level – 35 questions
  • Practicing standard – 6 questions
  • Facility Operation– 6 questions
  • Exam process – 5 questions
  • Licensure process – 9 questions
  • Chemical usage – 8 questions

You have to score a minimum of 75% to clear the exam. When you are scored good and cleared, you should simply go to the counter with $25 license issuing fee and collect your license. If not, it will be mailed to you.

Step 4. Begin your Career as a Licensed Barber in Oregon

The classic barbershop scene is red hot in Portland and is showing no signs of slowing down. Honing your skills is pretty much a guarantee of employment with the large amount of cool shops you can work with.

If you’re more than 18 years old and can style people’s here, opening your own barbershop may seem a very bright option. Follow the steps for it:

Step 5. Renew your Oregon Barber License Every Two Years

From the day you receive your license, you’ll have to get it renewed every two years before the end date of the month you first received it in. an application is sent by the board to you more than a month before renewal date arrives. Simply pay $40 and renew it.


Barber License Program
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Barber License Program
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Johnny Matthew's Hairdressing & Barbering School,
Salem, OR
Johnny Matthew’s Hairdressing Training School brings an updated, twenty-first century training system and pre-licensing education for hair designers & barbers to Oregon’s Willamette Valley. JM Geometric Hair Crafting: a technological training system developed by instructors Johnny Rawlins & Matthew Nolan over their 25-year careers as professional hair designers.