Barber Schools in Rhode Island

barbers schools rhode islandHow to become a licensed barber in Rhode Island

Rhode Island is an area known for its unique manly fashion touch ups. You can easily start your styling career and learn in no time here. The department of employment in this region finds the demand for hairstyling personnel to be increasing day in day out. The service sector jobs are expected to open up a lot in this decade with around 1000 new hairdresser job vacancies being predicted during this tenure.

To start your career officially, you need to register yourself with the barbering Board of the area and clear all the requirements set by the health organization. The Board of hairdressing controls all the activities taking place in the state which have anything to do with beauticians or barbers. Follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Complete a 1500-Hour Rhode Island Barber Training Program

The first thing each and every one of you aspirants need to do is to enroll yourself in a training program which would educate you on how to become a barber. According to the board, the school must be registered and your program must span to 1500 hours with the following topics included in syllabus:

  • Modern styled hair cuts
  • Hair washing
  • Hair shaping
  • Hair dying
  • Treating facial hair
  • Shaves
  • Hygienic studies

Apprenticeship Option

In case you cannot get admitted into a barber school due to whatever reason, there’s another option open to all. They can enter the field by starting off with an apprenticeship and gaining some real life hands on experience of the art. All you need to do is to fill out a Rhode Island Board’s barber apprenticeship application form and submit it. After you are given a go ahead by the board, you have to complete a training of two years where you work as a student to a registered and experienced barber as your mentor. This education can also be combining both types of educations. 1000 hours of barber school are enough if you’ve done almost 850 hours as an apprentice.

Step 2. Submit a Rhode Island Barber License Application

Once you graduate from the barber school and feel confident with all the knowledge you’ve gained, you need to apply for a barbering license straight away. The licensing application shall act as your ticket to an eligibility clearance and also an alert towards the board to consider you as a barber and issue a license. Submit the following documents for this:

  • Fill and submit the Board’s Barber License Application
  • Join up to date pictures of yourself in passport size
  • Proof of age
  • Join schooling certifications
  • Official barbering certification from barber school
  • Submit $25 processing fee


If you have completed 1500 hours of barber school and have passed written and practical licensing exams in another state, you may qualify for a Rhode Island license based on endorsement. To apply for this, you will need to submit all of the above application material, along with

The Rhode Island board also gives an option where barbers from other states of the country are recognized and given a chance to practice their profession here. For this, you have to a licensed barber in another American state. Use the following documents for reference:

  • A copy of your previous barbering license
  • A licensure approval from previous authority

All the documents along with the application shall be addressed to the following address:

Rhode Island Department of Health
Board of Hairdressing & Barbering
Room 104, 3 Capitol Hill
Providence, RI 02908-5097

Step 3. Pass the Rhode Island Written and Practical Licensing Exams

The board gives a temporary barbering license to aspirants on which they can work for almost 3 months while preparing for the licensure examination. The license exams are dealt with by an external resource known as the NIC department. All the appearing candidates need to score 70% or higher to become a professional barber. The following exams have to be passed:

Theoretical Exam

The theoretical examination consists of all multiple choice questions and a time limit of 1.5 hours is imposed on all the applicants:

  • Safety hazards and germ control
  • Barbering equipment
  • Anatomy of the skull
  • Product formations
  • Electric safety and handling
  • Infections of the scalp
  • Haircuts
  • Facial hair removal
  • Modern shaving styles
  • Client satisfaction

Practical Exam

The practical examination tests whether or not you can actually implement what you were taught in school. Every candidate has to bring his own mannequin head where all the haircutting skills can be demonstrated. The main skills under screening are:

  • Basic set up and client satisfaction
  • Basic straight razor shave
  • Simple haircut
  • Facial treatment
  • Final touch up and cleanliness

After clearing the exam the board automatically delivers you your barbering license.

Step 4. Begin a Career in Rhode Island’s Barbering Industry

You can start your quest to find work right after you get your license. The license makes you officially eligible to cut people’s hair and give them new looks.

There’s a long list of barbershops in Rhode Island with varying working hours. You can easily find yourself ease to work at the hours of your own choice. Getting hired fulltime or renting a both, it’s totally up to you.

Step 5. License Renewal Every 2 Years

All the barber licensed issued by the Board in Rhode Island go void on the 30th of September every couple of years.

Therefore each and every one of the barbers has to renew the license before that happens and they go out of work

The license renewal application is sent to you by the Board through mail at least a month before the date arrives. You just have to fill it and send it back along with the fee.

Many barbers decide to open their own shop in the area once people recognize their work. Follow these steps if you’re one of those barbers:

  • Fill and send a Shop registration Application
  • Send along proof of $170 fee payment
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