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barber schools south carolinaHow to become a licensed barber in South Carolina

If you look at the reports released by the employment and labor department of South Carolina, you’ll notice that the rates are surprisingly higher than those in rest of the country.

Moreover, South Carolina has been famous for its masculine men’s hair and overall styling. The experiences offered by barbershops in the region are immaculately impressive because of vintage barber equipment like chairs and clippers take you way back into time. The shops take full responsibility of keeping the cultural American barbershop aura alive.

If you need to start earning in South Carolina as a barber, you need to start by getting yourself a license to practice hairdressing without any restriction. For that you’ll need to go through an examination process with the Board of barbers and earn a license to yourself. Follow this simple step by step guide:

Step 1. Pass a 1500-Hour South Carolina Barber Training Program

You can kick off your journey by sending out applications to barber school and getting admitted to one which has already been registered with the Board. Your barbering program should be of 1500 hours and must contain the following areas of study:

  • Cleanliness and set up – 45 hours
  • Work ethic – 30 hours
  • Germ control – 35 hours
  • Equipment – 8 hours
  • Shaves – 10 hours
  • Masculine hair alterations – 450 hours
  • Dealing with curly hair – 150 hours
  • Treating facial hair – 15 hours
  • Washing and conditioning – 50 hours
  • Hair texture and scalp study – 35 hours
  • Facial Treatment – 15 hours
  • Use of Razors – 45 hours
  • Permanent hair removal – 50 hours
  • Hair waving – 150 hours
  • Artificial hair – 25 hours
  • Infections of hair and scalp – 35 hours
  • Anatomy of head and neck – 10 hours
  • Shop development – 35 hours
  • Purchasing – 35 hours
  • Rules and regulations – 5 hours
  • Basic barber history – 5 hours
  • School code of conduct – 5 hours
  • Designing hair – 8 hours
  • Chemical washing of hair – 40 hours
  • Hair dying – 90 hours
  • Using light and electric equipment – 5 hours
  • Product formation – 90 hours
  • Checking – 24 hours

The Board of barbers here also gives an option to aspirants by getting into this field through a practicing student barber process. You can become an apprentice of an experienced barber and then join the club. For this every apprentice must contain 12 hours of straight barber training under an experienced instructor.

Step 2. Submit Application for South Carolina License and Examination

The South Carolina state’s barber examinations are all governed by an outsourced body known as the PCS. For the PCS examination, you can apply by acting upon these instructions:

  • Carefully study online the South Carolina Registered Barber Candidate Handbook
  • Create a PCS Account and use it to send your online application.
  • Attach your school certificate
  • Attach barber school certification
  • Join with the training and working affidavits
  • A copy of your social security paper
  • Send along two passport sized current pictures
  • Also attach proof of $175 processing fee proof

All this paperwork can be posted to the address mentioned below:

Attn: South Carolina Barbering
P.O. Box 198768
Nashville, Tennessee  37219‐8768

After getting all this if the PCS finds you valid to appear in the exams, you’ll be sent an invite by mail.


In case you have studied barbering and have been practicing it as a profession in another state of the United States, you can shift to South Carolina and get your license reciprocated by applying through a simple procedure mentioned below:

  • Proof that you were certified from the older state’s Board
  • Statements from barbers in previous state explaining your credibility
  • Proof of $140 processing fee payment

Send all these documents to the address mentioned below by post:

South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation
Board of Barber Examiners
Post Office Box 11329
Columbia, SC 29211-1329

Step 3. Pass the South Carolina Theory and Practical Licensing Exams

PCS sends two exam slips to each candidate. One for the written exam and the second one for the practical examination taking place at multiple venues:

Theory Exam

After the PCS sends you a letter entertaining you about your eligibility status to be positive, you can schedule your screening test online. It is a multiple choice examination based on:

  • Protective measures and cleanliness
  • Hair Disease treatment
  • Basic facial treatments
  • Skin studies
  • Infections of hair and kin
  • Light handling and product formation
  • Hairdressing
  • Equipment handling

Practical Exam

Each candidate is given the liberty to pick the nearest location and closest available time from the schedule for his test. Everyone however, has to bring their own model to display all the test results on:

  • Client protection measures and setting up
  • Basic straight razor shave
  • Cutting hair and washing them
  • Heated hair curling
  • Final touch up

After you give your examination, PCS will take a total of one month to process your request and if you pass, your license will be sent to your doorstep.

Step 4. Find Career Options and Keep your License Current

Once you become an official barber in the area of South Carolina, finding work for yourself isn’t that much of an effort taking skill, easier if you have the skill.

Every barber can also start his own gig by opening a shop. That way he can control the type of work and also the working hours. Do the following if you want a barbershop:

The licenses of all barbers here expire on the 1st of June and you are sent all the renewal details through post by the board at least one month before.

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