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barber schools texasHow to become a licensed barber in Texas

Texas is popular for its cowboy styled barbershops which offer traditional haircuts and makeovers making you look like one from the region even if you aren’t.

A couple of salons from this region have been featured in famous publications for their cultural hair styling experience. The Bird’s barbershop situated in the Austin area offers free bears to customers after every haircut which is one way of attracting more clients their way. An approximated 15 thousand clients are entertained every year by this shop.

Barbers have the liberty to change your look the way they want or the way you want. From restyling your hair to shaping up modern beards, they can do it all. In case you want to become a member of the barbering community, simply register yourself with the TDLR department that regulates all barbering activity in the province by acting upon this procedure:

Step 1. Get cleared from a 1500-Hour Texas Barber Training Program

To ensure your ability for becoming a barber in Texas, you will have to be a student at a licensed barber school and complete a 1500 hour training program where you shall learn about:

  • State’s barbering rules and regulations
  • Cleanliness and germ disinfection
  • Basics behind barbering
  • Hair and scalp texture
  • Infections of hair and scalp
  • Hair reshaping
  • Artificial hair usage
  • Basic level chemistry
  • Physiology of human body

You are allowed to apply for exams straight with the PSI for your licensing procedure and testing.

Step 2. Clear the Texas Practical and Theory Licensing Examinations

First of all you’ll have to get well acquainted with the PSI services that govern all examination activity for barbers in Texas. You’ll receive a postcard that states your eligibility status and the method for appearance in exams after you clear their doubts.

You can get all the exam details before even registering for it from the online information portal provided on the PSI website. There are two types of examinations that every candidate has to appear in:

Theoretical Exam

The exam offers all candidates a total time span of 1 hour and 40 minutes in which they are expected to answer questions on the following areas of study:

  • Cleanliness and germ removal
  • Hair washing
  • Dying and shading hair
  • Licensure requirement
  • Manicures and hand care
  • Permanent hair removal
  • Cutting and designing hair

You can show up for the exam at one of these centers:

  • Abilene
  • Amarillo
  • Arlington
  • Austin
  • Corpus Christi
  • Dallas
  • El Paso
  • Fort Worth

Practical Exam

This examination is the actual test of what you have learned and what you can perform in front of the invigilator. Every candidate is requested to bring his own model and mannequin where he could practice and show these skills:

  • Hair washing
  • Drying hair
  • Hair dressing
  • Shaves
  • Facial treatments
  • Chemical treatments
  • Hair removal

Practical examination can be attempted at the following exam centers:

  • Austin
  • San Antonio
  • DFW Metroplex
  • Greater Houston Area
  • McAllen
  • El Paso
  • Midland
  • Amarillo

After clearing both exams, PSI automatically congratulates you with your new license.

Step 3. Get an Initial Barber License from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation

After you are done with the schooling and examination eligibility fulfillment criteria, you have to contact the barber’s board to get your initial barbering licensure application which isn’t available on the website. Therefore you’ll have to either visit or call the Board’s office in this case. You can also leave an email at their mailing address.

The application has to be filled and returned with proof of their processing fee payment which in total is $55. After your application form completes the cycle of processing, you’ll be informed and your license will be sent to you. The application has to be filled and sent to this address:

Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation
PO Box 12157
Austin, Texas 78711-2157


If you are already serving the community as a barber in another American province, you can get your license transferred to Texas by following a simple procedure. The reciprocity feature can be availed by states whose barbering licensure procedure is similar to that of Texas. For this purpose:

This material also has be sent to the board directly and can be posted to the address mentioned above.

Step 4. Start your Career as a Barber in Texas

After getting your license, you can get hired full time or simply rent a booth in one of the famous barbershops where you could make a name for yourself. Renting a both doesn’t cost anything since a couple of years.

Every single person from the barber community has the right to open his own barbershop and start a business as soon as he feels ready to do so. Having your own shop would mean that you’ll be the one who sets all the rules and timings.

The barbershop license can be acquired by filling the shop licensing application and sending it to the board for review.

Step 5. Renew your Texas Barber License Biannually

The licenses of all barbers in Texas expire after a time span of 24 months. The Board sends a renewal application to each and every barber which shall be filled and returned with the $55 renewal fee to expect quick response.

You do not have to study any further to be a barber in Texas. However you can do additional courses by your own choice.

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The barbershop is an institution in this country; a place where people come for a clean shave, a great haircut and good conversation. But barbering isn’t stuck in the past. Male and female barbers are finding success cutting both men and women’s hair. And more and more barbers are offering styling and speciality services like cornrows in addition to classic cuts. When you study with Texas Barber Colleges & Hairstyling Schools, you’ll learn the skills to succeed as a barber, whether you work for someone else, or start your own business.