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barber_schools_UtahHow to become a licensed barber in Utah

Barbershops demonstrate typical US men’s style and conjure a sense of association to a particular place. To start your career as a barber, one should search for a place which has a high demand for expert barbers and Utah is surely among those places. Rays’ Barbershop which is located in Utah was initially opened in 10 years ago having only one chair for cutting and at the end of 2014 it had 30 chairs ready for hair styling.

Furthermore, the Utah Labor management department calculated that in the current decade the opportunities for barbers will increase up to 31% in the current decade, suggesting that this is the ideal time for the barbers to flourish using their abilities and skills in the market.

If you want to take barbering as your way of earning, you need to get license from the Board of barbering in the province. As a Division-licensed barber, your specialty must contain hair styling, massaging, cutting and facial hair.

If you want to get your license the first step is to complete the education and examination process.

Step 1. Graduation from Utah Barber Training Program

In order to become a licensed barber first you need to graduate from an authorized school and complete an educational training designed for barbers. These programs help a barber to compete with other professional barbers or to get a reasonable profit from his own shop.

For getting license you need to complete a training program of 1000 hours first. Your training has additional courses which you can attend but the compulsory subjects are:

  • History and Importance of Barbering
  • Personal, Customer, and Shop Safety
  • Hygiene, Cleansing, and Castration
  • Customer Service and Business Management
  • Professional appearance and Manners
  • Public Connections and Broadcasting
  • Human disease fighting system
  • Anatomy study
  • Study of Hair and Scalp
  • Simple hair dressing
  • Shaving techniques and Safety measures
  • Mustache and Beard Design
  • Exam process


In case you want to complete your education through studentship, than it is mandatory to complete your 1250 hours of training under the supervision of a registered barbering supervisor. You will be given regular assignments by the supervisor and the progress on hourly or regular basis will be sent to the board.

Step 2. Utah Barber License Application

For your barber license you will submit your application to Utah Barbering board once you have completed your training program. For submitting this application, complete the following steps:

  • Fill and send the state’s official License form
  • Join required documentation
  • Verify your graduation certification
  • Give proof of $60 fee payment

All your documents can be sent to the board on this postal address:

Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing
PO BOX 146741
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-6741

Step 3. Pass the Practical and Written Exams

Every student must pass the practical and written exams with good score in order to complete his licensure barber application mentioned compulsory by NIC board. The time duration for passing this exam is 12 months.

For registration visit directly the test conductor PSI services. There you have to fully read the instructions by finding the student info bulletin from the web on how to conduct exams. Also you have to pay registration expense of $174 for both theory and practical exams. Then, you will be able notified about the date, time and location of both the exams.

Practical Examination

In practical exam you have to bring your own hair cutting kit and mannequin head, and will be given only 1 hour and 40 minutes to complete it. Practical exam will have the following barber services:

  • Initial setup (10 minutes)
  • Straight Blade Shave (20 minutes)
  • Hair dressing ( half hour)
  • Finishing Touches

Theory Examination

The theoretical exam consists for multiple choice questions which are to be attempted in 1.5 hours of time span. The written exam will contain subjects:

  • Systematic Concepts
  • Contamination Control
  • Biology and Analysis
  • Product formation
  • Study of Skin History
  • Study of Hairdressing
  • Covering Techniques
  • Shaving Services
  • Facial Treatments and Massages
  • Hair Care Techniques
  • Customer Deliberation
  • Artificial hair

You can appear for an exam on the following testing centers:

  • Hurricane
  • North Orem
  • North Salt Lake
  • Sunset

Exam completion requires score to be above 75% in both categories. All candidattes can view informal result immediately, after that the test score is sent to review in 3 days once you have passed the exams. The license is created as soon as the board receives it.

Step 4. Career as a Utah Barber

Since the demand of professional barber is more in posh areas of the province. However all the famous barbershops are located there, but that doesn’t mean that other cities like Hurricane, North Orem, Sunset and Clinton lack opportunities for barbers.

Step 5. License Renewal After Every 2 Years

Keep your mailing address up to date so DOPL can send all the required information and the renewal materials without any problems faced. You have to renew your barber license after 2 years regularly. In order to change your mail address visit license web update page.

If you haven’t understood the process, you may contact the board through phone or mail and gather the necessary details. For renewing your license you have to pay $60 renewal fee with filled form to the department of Barbering in the area.

Renew the license and pay the $52 renewing expense with the paper renewal form, or online through the official website of barbering services in the area.

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Barbering offers an opportunity to earn an exceptional income. Many Barbers are their own boss and get paid every day. Many Barbers earn more than individuals with a 4 year college degree. The opportunity for an above average income potential can be yours. As a Barber you decide how hard you want to work and how much you want to earn.