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barber_schools_VermontHow to become a licensed barber in Vermont

Vermont is a place where hair styling salons are redefining the meaning of masculine hair dressing creativity by transforming the traditional hair jobs by giving them a touch of the modern era.

“The Men’s shop” is a very popular salon in the area and has been voted among top barbershops by a very famous publication. The department of labor welfare in the area has also calculated a rise of almost 11% in servicing jobs during the coming decade from the data based on current states. That leaves you up to 80 jobs per year which is enough for newly introduced barbers.

To work as a Vermont barber, you’ll have to follow the typical procedure of getting yourself licensed by the barbering board and acting upon some simple instructions as mentioned below in the list:

Step 1. Graduate from a 1000-Hour Vermont Barber Education Program

The first step towards becoming a barber in any state is to study and educate yourself for it. Same is the case with Vermont, you’ll need to enroll yourself in a 1000 hour barber program to enhance your theoretical and practical knowledge in the following fields of study:

  • Hair washing and related product formation
  • Cutting, trimming and styling hair
  • Permanent reshaping of hair
  • Curling or straightening
  • Facial treatments
  • Basic makeup
  • Clipping cuts
  • Trimming beards
  • Dying hair
  • Basic shaves
  • Cleanliness
  • Germ killing
  • Work ethics


Another road that leads to barbering as a professional is through an apprenticeship. You may register yourself for one by filling an apprentice barber application in case you cannot go through with the graduate course for any reason. The apprenticeship is advised to cover 2 years and a total of 1000 hours per year. After doing the time you can prove your experience as an equivalent to the barber school degree.

Step 2. Submit Application for Vermont Barber Examinations and License

Every candidate which is 18 years of age or more than that, has completed 1000 hours of study and holds 12th standard schooling diploma can apply for barbering licensure examination in the area of Vermont,

After completing your studies and training, you just have to apply for the exam by verifying yourself with the PCS services that conduct the examinations. Follow the simple instructions:

  • Search online and study the PCS Barber Handbook
  • Form a new PCS Account
  • Fill and submit the Online Application
  • Include barber school diploma or apprenticeship certificate
  • One copy of schooling certification
  • One latest photograph in passport size
  • Proof of $250 exam payment

The PCS will send you a reply as soon as they receive and verify all your documents. For the written exam you’ll be sent a confirmation by post while an email might be delivered for the practical testing.


People from different states with similar barber registration procedures can also apply for a license and get their older ones transferred without appearing in a test. This is called endorsement or reciprocity.

  • Fill and send an Application for Barber License by Endorsement
  • Pay a fees of $110 for processing
  • Get your older license verified
  • Attach a copy of schooling certification
  • Barber school certification
  • Register for an exam with the PCS

Limited Barbering License

The limited barbering license is for those people that are currently doing time in a state penitentiary. This can only be attained by inmates that have good behavioral standing in the facility, are educated, pay taxes and support their children. The studying requirements are a high school certificate and at least 10 hours of barber apprenticeship.

You can send all the above mentioned documents to the board upon the following address:

Office of Professional Regulation
89 Main St. 3rd Floor
Montpelier, VT 05620-3402

Step 3. Pass State Law, Theory, and Practical Vermont Licensing Exams

After receiving the test appearance letters from the PCS, you’ll have to make do with the following examinations:

Written Examination

The theoretical test is comprised of multiple choice questions based on the following subjects from barbering:

  • Barbering and science– 40%
  • Shaves and facial treatment – 15%
  • Special hair treatment – 20%
  • Treatments involving chemicals – 25%

Jurisprudence Exam

The jurisprudence exam is a written exam covering Vermont Barber and Cosmetology Laws and Rules. If you are taking the jurisprudence exam to qualify for a Vermont barber license by endorsement, you will only need to pay a $160.00 fee for this exam alone. Otherwise, this exam fee is covered in the $250.00 fee that you would have paid for all three examinations.

This is an exam which tests your knowledge related to all the laws and regulations of the beautician and barbering industry. Every candidate has to pay an additional $160 for this exam if you take it individually. In normal cases, it is covered in your overall exam fee.

Practical Examination

For the practical exam every aspirant has to register and schedule a test at the Montpelier testing center. All are requested to bring along their own model and barbering equipment to perform the given tasks:

  • Initial setup and safety
  • Basic shave using a straight razor
  • Cutting hair
  • Hair removal
  • Dying hair
  • Client relaxation through chemical services

You’ll be contacted on the web and PCS will send you your scores in the coming two weeks. In case you clear the exam, your license will also arrive soon after that.

Step 4. Begin Working as a Licensed Barber in Vermont

You can work based on percentage or rent a booth in one of the popular shop to start off your career on a right track.

Detailed info about renting a booth can be seen on the Board’s website

You can also start your own business in the field by opening a barbershop. It isn’t a tedious task, just follow this simple set of instructions:

  • Fill and send the Application for Barbershop License
  • Join proof of $330 expense
  • Suggest final name of your salon
  • Detailed floor plan must be given
  • Get the shop inspected and submit its report

Step 5. Renew your Vermont Barber License Every 2 years

The barber licenses in Vermont go void every 2 years on the last day of September. A renewal letter will be sent to you by the board before that. All barbers have to complete 24 hours of additional education before getting re-licensed for a fee of $130.

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