Barber Schools in Virginia

barber schools virginiaHow to become a licensed barber in Virginia

The barbers in Virginia are a community of skilled professionals that dedicate all their talents to groom sophisticated and new looks in men. Multiple areas in the state contain highly productive hair styling salons that are increasing their reputation day by day.

The Grooming Lounge is one of those important barbershops which is highly looked at by the people of Virginia and has been setting the standards for some time now. The shops offer makeovers according to the clients liking and also give away complimentary beers to increase client satisfaction.

A license shall be issued in your name before you start a barbering career in Virginia by the DPOF department that checks all your eligibility areas and refers to the Virginia Barber’s Board which issues licenses and governs all barber activity here in Virginia. Start your career by following this catalogue:

Step 1. Graduate from a 1500-Hour Virginia Barber Training Program

The first thing you need to do towards getting your barber’s license in Virginia is to start training from a registered barber school. Make sure that your training covers a time of 1500 hours and teaches the following subjects:

  • Rules and regulations of the state
  • Work ethic and management
  • Client satisfaction
  • Cleanliness
  • Cutting hair with different equipment
  • Washing hair
  • Styling hair
  • Heated hair reshaping
  • Thinning or thickening the hair
  • Straightening or curling
  • Dying hair
  • Conditioning
  • Facial treatments
  • Relaxation services
  • Germ disinfection
  • Barber Board’s rules
  • Massages
  • Scalp fixes

Here is an hourly chart of the subjects:Top of FormBottom of Formhere is an hourl

  • Treating hair and skin – 10
  • Hairdressing  – 320
  • Shading  – 15
  • Hair bleaches – 10
  • Timely hair washes – 10
  • Coloring with non-permanent dye – 10
  • Permanent reshaping of the hair – 25
  • Hair relaxation – 50
  • Dealing with artificial hair – 5
  • Types of hair waving – 30
  • Facial services and hair removal – 5

After you get your proof of study and practice from the school, you can easily go and apply for a licensure examination any time.

Step 2. Submit an Online Application for Examination and Licensure

Every candidate is requested to apply for licensing examination within 3 days or to be exact, 80 hours of time after he graduates from barber school. After the school puts the candidate online and allots a user id and password, you can apply for examination yourself and schedule it too. Follow these:

  • Fill and send Online Examination Application towardsErgometric testing network.
  • Give a latest passport size photograph
  • Proof of $85 theoretical examination fee payment
  • Proof of $85 practical examination fee payment

You will be notified by the Virginia board about your examination after you complete the procedure.

Step 3. Pass the Written and Practical Virginia Licensing Exams

Read about the examination before appearing in it from the online portal where you can easily find an information bulletin for newly recruited students that are yet to give the exam.

After the board studies your eligibility status and decides to approve it. You can schedule your exam in any of the following areas:

  • Charlottesville Testing Center
  • Manassas Testing Center
  • Richmond Testing Center
  • Roanoke Testing Center
  • Virginia Beach Testing Center

Keep in mind that you shall be at the exam center half an hour before the time for your document verification.

Theoretical Examination

The written test takes place digitally i-e on a computer screen. All candidates are given a total time of 130 minutes to solve 110 questions which are all based on multiple choice format:

  • Rules and regulations in Virginia – 29%
  • Cleanliness, germ disinfection and safety hazards – 26%
  • Equipment handling – 15%
  • Product formation details – 5%
  • Anatomy of skull and neck – 6%
  • Basic barbering activities – 19%

Practical Examination

This is the test of your actual barbering abilities. Every candidate is informed to bring along a mannequin head to perform all the tasks upon. The given tasks are:

  • Germ killing and initial setup – 10 minutes
  • Demo of blood spilling incidents – 10 minutes
  • Facial Shaving – 32 minutes
  • Tapered haircut with simple neck shave – 47 minutes
  • Drying hair – 12 minutes
  • Facial treatments – 22 minutes
  • Final disinfection and touchup – unlimited

Step 4. Print and Mail Licensure Fee Notice to the Virginia Board

After clearing the exam, you will be required to manually print and mail your status to the Board. Follow the steps.

  • Sign in into your Ergometrics Account
  • Go into the “Licensure Fee Notice” option
  • Fill in the notice form
  • Mail the completed notice to the board along with the payment on the given address

Your license is issued by the board as soon as they receive your mail.

Step 5. Begin your Career as a Barber in Virginia

Every skilled barber or a newbie has hundreds of opportunities to explore in the state of Virginia. You may work for someone or open your own barbering salon.

If you open a barbershop for yourself, you’ll set all the rules and control how the environment shapes out for clients. For this, a license has to be acquired for the shop. Just fill the shop licensure form and submit it to the board.

In case you are willing to start slow as a commissioned barber or to rent a booth at one of the successful salons.

Step 6. Renew your Virginia Barber License

You will have to renew your license every few years when the Barber’s board sends you a notification stating that a renewal is due. The package will contain a renewal application which needs to filled and sent back alongside the $105 renewal payment proof to the following address:

Board for Barbers and Cosmetology
Department of Professional & Occupational Regulation
9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 400
Richmond, VA 23233

The renewal process can also be carried out online for your ease. But in that case make sure you have paid the fee on the right time or a heavy late submission fine gets imposed.

Barber License Program
Service Type
Barber License Program
Provider Name
Virginia Beach Beauty & Barber Academy,
Virginia Beach, VA
The Virginia Beach Beauty & Barber Academy is a private educational institution, which provides vocational education in Cosmetology, Barbering, and Instructor Training. The COmmonwealth of Virginia and the Veterans Administration have approved all programs.