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barber schools WashingtonHow to become a licensed barber in Washington

The role of a barber is to give a typical manly style haircut, bringing class and composure to men’s hair, beard and mustache design, or that’s what majority of the people think. A barber does not only do these things but changes the personality of men and their natural aroma according to the style that suits them best. They provide a shared environment where men can come together and leave assured in how they look.

In Washington a barber deals with different kinds of hairstyle requests. Whether you are providing a haircut to a rich customer in a high-end shopping region or a trendy client in one of the typical-fashion shop, you have to be aware of all kind of hairstyles that are a trend nowadays or the old fashion ones.

To be licensed barber is a dream every barber should have. For that you need to apply for barbering license through the Washington board of barbering and their examination procedure. As a licensed barber your specialty includes cutting, styling, and designing of hair, moustaches, and beards.

Step 1. Complete Barber Training Program

The first in accomplishing your dream is to complete an education in a famous barber school. The board had made compulsory for every student to complete a training session of 1000 hours of both practical and theoretical training along with quarter of your education to be based on practical work.

Your training program must cover all the following subjects which the board has declared compulsory:

  • Study and Use of Barbering
  • Business Management
  • Hair washing and Proper Conditioning Methods
  • Cloaking, Brushing and Scalp Control
  • Trimming of Facial Hair
  • Fake Hair Designs
  • Hygiene, Distillation, and Castrations
  • Hair illness and Scalp Disorder
  • Use of implementations


For barbers in this province, they have to work under the direct guidance of professional barbers, where a total of 1200 hours are to be finished while training.

After favorably completing your training or studentship, you will be assigned to the National Testing Network. Once testing authorities get the alert that you have completed your apprenticeship, they will inform you about your login id and password information to get a registration for board’s examination.

Step 2. Apply for Washington Licensing Examination Application

You can take barber licensing exam after receiving your exam authority signing up information. You can apply if you are 17 years old and almost completed your barber training (minimum 80 hours). Give in an application for your approval after fulfilling all the requirements:

  • Find online and study the exam information catalogue
  • Fill and send an official online form
  • Proof of a total $180 in exam expenses

Step 3. Pass Written and Practical Licensing Exams

After applying getting your exam request approve, you can set the date, time and test center by your own choice. You have to arrive half an hour prior to the mentioned time for both the exams with two identity forms mentioned in the application.

Written Exam

The theory exam covers barber related subjects as well as barbering state law related questions. The exam will be conducted online and will feature only multiple choice questions. The allocated time for written exam is 1.5 hours. Student should solve it before the mentioned time. The questions are based upon these topics:

  • Contamination Control and Prevention
  • Uses of Tools and Equipment handling
  • Biology of Hair
  • Hair Care Techniques
  • Customer Examination
  • Shaving Methods
  • Beard and mustache Styles
  • Hairdressing
  • Hair Related Products Study

You may appear for the theory exam at any of these exam centers:

  • Washington Hilton Center
  • Kellogg Center
  • Jefferson Center
  • Kempton Center

Practical Exam

When it comes to the physical skill testing, you need to perform the tasks within the given time limit with the help of barber equipment and a mannequin head that every candidate has to bring by themselves. These are the tasks to perform:

  • Initial setup and customer interaction – 10 minutes
  • Basic shaving – 20 minutes
  • Hair trimming and dressing – 30 minutes
  • Final touch up – 10 minutes

Candidates can pick any of these centers for their practical test:

  • Cut N Edge Testing Center
  • Spokane Testing Center

The result of both the theoretical and practical exams will be posted on the account given to you by Ergometric. For getting barber license it is compulsory to get a score above 75% in both of the exams.

Step 4. Submit Washington Barber License Application

After passing both the exams the next stage is to apply for Washington Barber License. For that submit a $30 fee along with the application:

  • Fill and send official licensure application
  • Give proof of examination fees

After paying the expenses and submitting the application Ergometrics will process your application and send it to the barber’s board for further evaluation. The board will have to give a go ahead to the printing authorities then and they shall print your barber’s license.

Step 5. Begin your Barbering Career in Washington

At the time when you have your license and act as a barber looking for work is rather easy because of numerous barbershops in Washington. According to the stats posted by the province’s department of labor improvement, it has some areas like Seattle from the state’s vicinity which are said to be the top barber paying areas.

For buying your own barber shop you need to send a request for a different kind of licensure. Act upon the instructions mentioned below:

All documents need to be addressed to the following address:

Cosmetology Program
Department of Licensing
PO Box 3856
Seattle, WA 98124-3856

Step 6. Renew Method for Washington Barber License

For the renewal of your license remain up to date with your account. Once the renewal date approaches the board will send you the renewal notice and a new login key for renewal. You have to submit the renewal fee on time or else a fine of $110 will be applied as late fee submission.

Online Renewal

Do the following steps to renew the form online:

  • Fill and submit Online Renewal Form using the new password sent to you
  • Give correct details on the form
  • Give proof of $55 renewal payment

Mail Renewal

For renewal through mail act upon these steps:

  • Send fully filled hardcopy renewal form
  • Give proof of fee payment and attach it

All the renewal materials should be mailed at the given postal detail:

Cosmetology Program
Department of Licensing PO Box 3856
Seattle, WA 98124-3856

Barber License Program
Service Type
Barber License Program
Provider Name
BJ's Beauty & Barber College,
Tacoma, WA
BJ’s Beauty & Barber Colleges are located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. The Tacoma location is located in the historical South Tacoma area. The Puyallup location is located in the hub of South Hill in Puyallup and the Auburn campus is located in a small strip mall area on Main Street.