Barber Schools in West Virginia

barber schools West VirginiaHow to become a licensed barber in West Virginia

A barber is someone that utilizes all his skill and effort in order to make you look better. West Virginia is one place where the barbering activity is considered to be of the highest quality these days. The area is home to multiple top listed salons from the barbering world.

The Tops off Barbershop and Spa is one of the most famous and successful barber stores in the whole province. It offers multiple other services like hair removal and massages along with simple hair cutting. You can start a prospering career as a barber in West Virginia if you really want to be one.

Once you decide to take barbering as your professional way of earning in this area, you will be advised to get yourself licensed with the West Virginia Board so that no legal issues occur while you practice your skill. To get licensed by the board, you will have to:

Step 1. Complete a 1200-Hour West Virginia Barber Training Program

The first thing every candidate needs to do is to get admission into a verified barber school from West Virginia. For that you should:

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

  • Fill and send a Student Registration Form
  • Attach a copy of your schooling certification
  • A copy of your social security number holding card
  • Attach a latest photograph of yourself
  • Proof of identity
  • Heath certificate
  • Payment of $25

The graduate course you pick to study must span to 1200 hours of theory and practical teachings based on these topics.

General Professional Information – 100 hours

  • Shop management
  • Better interaction
  • Laws of business
  • Regulations of the state
  • Cleanliness and germ killing
  • Precautions

Introduction to Barbering – 3 hours

  • History of the profession
  • Maintaining a professional reputation

Science of Barbering – 350 hours

  • Biological formation of products
  • Germ control
  • Anatomy of the skull
  • Electric equipment
  • Skin and hair infections

Professional Barbering – 747 hours

  • Treating hair and skin issues
  • Trimming or shaving facial hair
  • Cutting and styling hair
  • Artificial hair

Step 2. Apply with D.L. Roope for Barber Licensing Examinations

After being done with your schooling related to barbering activities. The first thing every aspirant has to do is to apply for an examination with the D.L. Roope examination services that are governing them in West Virginia. Follow the guidelines:

  • Get the exam application from your school


  • Fill and submit an Online Application
  • Choose examination date
  • Attach passport size photo
  • Attach copy of identity card
  • Pay total of $109 processing fee

After submitting your application, the concerned authority will inform you about further details soon.

Step 3. Pass West Virginia Written and Practical Barber Licensing Examinations

After the approval of your application you will be sent a document containing all details about your examination. The date, time and location will be given. You will have to take the following exams:

Written Exam

The theoretical exam tests your knowledge about all you have studied in barber school. It takes 1.5 hours. All candidates are advised to read the online info bulletin before attempting it for ease. The questions are based on:

  • Barbering and science – 30%
  • Hair treatments and care – 50%
  • Treating facial hair – 10 %
  • Skin treatments and face washes – 10%

Along with the theory, you are also given a law and regulation exam to solve which takes half an hour. It contains questions based on basic rules and regulations set by the West Virginia state about barbers.

Practical Exam

Before you appear in the practical examination, do not forget to find online and read the candidate information bulletin. It will tell you a lot about the screening process. Each candidate has to bring his own equipment and mannequin head to demonstrate the following procedures upon request:

  • Safety and initial setup – 10 minutes
  • Hairdressing – 30 minutes
  • Basic straight razor shave – untimed
  • Cleaning and final touch up – untimed

Each and every candidate has to attain a score of 70% or higher to be considered pass in these examination. The exam scores will automatically be sent to you by the company after one week. If you pass, you should print a copy of the online result and use it for the licensure.

Step 4. Submit Application for Initial License Registration

After receiving your score on the final examination to get a license, you can use them and apply for a license. Follow these steps:

  • Fill and send Initial License Application
  • Attach original barber school certificate
  • Attach copy of schooling certificate
  • Attach scores of licensure exam
  • Attach copy of your health certificate
  • Attach identity proof
  • Attach recent photograph
  • Attach proof of $35 fee payment

Your license will be issued as soon as the board receives your application for a license.

Step 5. Start your Career as a Barber in West Virginia

At the time you get your license, you are a licensed barber and the quest for a decent job shall start that very moment. You need to filter out the job windows you observe in the area.

You can easily rent a booth and show your skill at any of the famous barbershops just by putting an application and $15 processing fee. Some of the popular salons can be seen in this catalogue:

  • Spadafore Barbering and Styling – Fairmont
  • Tops Off Barbershop Salon and Spa – Charleston
  • Drive In Barber Shop – Southeast Charleston
  • John’s Barbershop and Stylists – Morgantown
  • Frank’s Campus Barber Shop – Huntington

Many barbers decide to open a barbershop. To do that, these are the instructions that must be acted upon:

  • Fill and send a Shop Opening and License Application
  • Attach proof of $90 shop inspection and processing fee
  • Send the package to the board
  • Get the inspection done
  • Get  a print of shop regulations

Step 6. Renew your West Virginia Barber License Annually

All barbers in the state of West Virginia become bound to renew their license on the first day of every year. Before they do it, an additional 4 hour educational course has to be taken every year along with proper documentation and grading.

The board send a renewal notice to all barbers automatically. The post contains an application for renewal that has to be used to renew the license. Alongside it you’ll need:

  • A statement from yourself that you need a renewal
  • Active license number
  • Your SS number
  • Latest address
  • Latest phone number
  • Proof of $35 fee payment

The booth renting license also has to be renewed on the first day of July each year by paying a $15 renewal fee.

Service Type
Barber License Program
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Charleston School of Beauty Culture,
Charleston, WV
“Barbering” includes cutting, shampooing, arranging, dressing, tinting or applying lotions or tonics on hair, shaving, shaping, and/or trimming the beard, and applications, treatments or rubs of the scalp, face or neck with oils, creams, lotions, cosmetics, antiseptics, powders, or other preparations in connection with the shaving, cutting, or trimming of the hair or beard.