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barber schools WisconsinBarber Schools and License Requirements in Wisconsin

Professional barbers all over the world are the pioneers in grooming of masculinity and style. However, Wisconsin is a place where the barber community is skilled enough to offer a spectacular blend of traditional hair dressing with a touch of modern fashion.

The department of labor development in Wisconsin has calculated that an approximated 600 jobs in the field of barbering will be created during the current decade. Wisconsin is a hub of fashion with developed cities like Madison. Therefore you should really consider it as the birth place to be for your barbering career.

For starters, the first act you’ll have to perform is to work towards attaining your personal barber’s license which would register you with the Wisconsin barber’s board. This organization takes charge of all the beautician related activities in the area. So it’s safe to say you’ll be completely legal once you register with them.

Step 1. Complete a 1000-Hour Wisconsin Barber Training Program

To start your barber race, get admission in a registered and licensed barber school from your area so that you get all the required training and knowledge of the field. The graduate barber’s program you pick must span to a total of 1000 training hours:

  • Shop management
  • Work ethics
  • Anatomy of head and neck
  • Product formation
  • Dressing hair
  • Facial hair treatments and styling
  • Cleanliness and germs disinfection


The studying school hours can be alternated or swapped with 2000 hours of professional apprenticeship under an experienced barbering supervisor which shall provide proof of it in documentation. The division can be done if the starting 288 hours of study are about theoretical topics and are done in a professional registered school. Rest of the hours can be done under the apprenticeship supervisor. The following training needs to be completed:

After doing your educational training. All candidates can apply for a timely permit which lasts for 6 months and you may work in that time.

Step 2. Submit an Application for Wisconsin Licensure and Exams

After graduating or completing your apprenticeship, all candidates have to apply for a barbering license exam and a temporary permit if they wish to. This can be done by applying at the Pearson VUE application portal.

Applying for the examinations is a simple procedure but make sure that you follow each and every one of these steps along the way.

  • Sign up and make a new Credential Manager Account
  • Verify and activate it
  • Fill and submit your license and exam application there
  • Attach proof of $391 payment
  • Get a verdict on your application through email

After getting your approval, you can easily apply for exams and a temporary permit.

Step 3. Pass the Wisconsin Theory and Practical Skills Licensing Exams

Before you go to take the exams, make sure you have gone through the handbook provided by the Wisconsin board to all the candidates. It gives you an insight on how the marking is done and what kind of questions you should be expecting while appearing in the exam. The process consists of the following exams:

Written Examination

For the theoretical examination, all aspirants are given a time of 135 minutes in which they have to answer 130 multiple choice questions on the following topics:

  • Precautionary measures and laws– 25-35%
  • Hair and scalp texture – 5-10%
  • Facial hair jobs – 6-10%
  • Hairdressing and styling – 25-30%
  • Chemical treatments – 20-25%
  • Skin treatments – 4-8%

Written test can be scheduled at any of these exam centers:

  • Brookfield
  • Eau Claire
  • Green Bay
  • Kenosha
  • Madison
  • Milwaukee
  • Wausau

Practical Skills Examination

In this examination, the invigilators take a look at how much you have practically learned. All candidates have to bring their own equipment which is used to perform:

  • Germ control and precautions
  • Basic shave
  • Skin treatment
  • Hairdressing
  • Dying hair
  • Hair reshaping
  • Chemical treatments for relaxation

The locations keep on varying with time. Here are a few that can be picked most oftenly:

  • Appleton
  • Eau Claire
  • Green Bay
  • Madison
  • Milwaukee
  • Onalaska
  • Rice Lake

Pearson VUE will automatically send you a congratulatory notification if you clear the exam. Soon after that your license will also be sent to you.

Step 4. Begin your Barbering Career in Wisconsin

As a barber, you’ll have a long list of options to pick from. To all the famous barbershops where you could start off as a trial to the option of opening your own barbering salon, all are open to a licensed barber. Opening your own barbershop would mean that you are working for yourself and can set the rules as you desire. The timings, work environment and charges will all be devised by you to a very large extent.

To open your own barbershop in the state of Wisconsin. Follow these simple instructions:

If you are looking for shops where you could rent a booth or work on commission in the start.

Step 5. Renew your Wisconsin Barber License on Odd-Numbered Years

Barbers in Wisconsin can reactivate their licenses before they expire between 11th of February to the last day of March in all odd years. The renewal procedure can be carried out online or you can also use the hard copy of license renewing application which is sent by mail to you by the board. An $82 in reactivating charges have to be paid by every barber. if you fail to do so, a fine of $25 is imposed.

Barber License Program
Service Type
Barber License Program
Provider Name
Paul Mitchell School Monroe,
Monroe, WI
In the center of Wisconsin’s Green County, famous for its Swiss heritage, cheese, and lush scenery, and just minutes from Monroe’s historic Downtown Square, Paul Mitchell Beauty School Monroe is the perfect place to grow as a stylist and launch your dream career.