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barber schools WyomingBarber Schools and License Requirements in Wyoming

Hard working men of Wyoming do their daily work with full devotion and are in need of coddling and flourishing hairs. Professional barbers help with just that as they are specialist in the field related to men’s hair, long sturdy beards and mustache designs.

According to the stats posted by the state’s department of servicing jobs that the job opportunities for barbers in Wyoming has increased up to 14% and will keep rising during the current 10 year span. The province’s concerned authority of labor enhancement, which include barbers, grew a lot. An advancement as good as this makes this province the best place for talented, ingenious barbers, just like some that are employed at one of the famous salons located in the vicinity. The shop has developed its own unique environment on getting a hair done along with the facilities like drinking a cold glass of beer.

For a good barbering career you first need to apply for barber license through state’s board of barbering which governs all licensure activity. It is a perfect platform for aspiring and creative barbers. Along with getting specialization hair and facial hairdressing, you will also learn the proper techniques of chemical coloring and bleaching hairs.

Step 1. Graduation from Barber Training Program

First step always start from the basics that is to get admission in any barber school in order to get an official barber license. You have multiple paths to pick from:

Regular training program – the regular training program consists of 1000 hours of training in both written and actual hands on barber instruction.

Barber-stylist educational program – the other training program consists of 1250 hours of training in written and actual hands on barber instruction.

Your barber training subjects are not restricted to this but the necessary ones are stated below:

Simple Training

  • Past Concepts of Barbering
  • Shaving Techniques
  • Clipper Cutting and Narrowing
  • Facial Hair Styles
  • Cleanliness
  • Contamination Control
  • Disinfect
  • Personal improvement
  • Work ethics

Barber-Stylist Training

The barber-stylist has some additional courses that deal with chemical coloring which are stated below:

  • Chemical Handling
  • Bleaching Techniques
  • Chemical Flapping
  • Realignment of perms
  • Coloring texture study
  • Necessary Colors for facial hair

There are advantages for those students who have An official barbering license and are also applying for crossover licensure that they can get there license after only doing 750 hours of their training program in school.

Step 2. Application for Wyoming Exam and License

After passing through your graduation stage you can now submit application for taking the licensing screening test. The procedure is same for both the simple training and the barber-stylist training. Send these documentations to the board in order to proceed with your application:

  • Certified Examination Application
  • Photo copy of present license
  • Photo copy of identity proof
  • Photo copy of SS
  • Photo copy of birth certification
  • Official Barber School certificate
  • Proof of $185 fee payment in total

Pay all these expenses in shape of check only.


You can apply for Wyoming Barber license through authorization if you have previously licensed as a barber in any other province. It is preferable for those students who have licensed before because they now only need to apply for Wyoming license by endorsement and as a result they do not have to re-take the examination. To be considered for an official license authorization, do the following steps:

  • Submit Wyoming Barber License Application
  • Older barbering board’s certificate
  • Transcripts from barbering institute
  • Licensing Examination Scores
  • Proof of $210 expense

Send all your required documentation 15 days prior to your test day at the address given below:

Board of Barber Examiners
2515 Warren Ave., Suite 302
Cheyenne, WY 82002

Step 3.  Wyoming Written and Practical Licensing Exams

Every 6 months testing authority conducts licensing exam. The licensing exams are monitored by the Board for both the simple barber and barber-stylist. You need to pass two main categories of exams in order to get the state’s barber license, theoretical and practical exam.

 Barber Theory Exam

The written exam is as usual an online multiple-choice exam that wraps up everything you have learned so far in your educational programs. Following are the topics included in this exam:

  • Chemistry of colors and Biology
  • Contamination Control
  • Hairstyling methods
  • Reshaping of hair
  • Working on beards
  • Customer Deliberation
  • Infections of skin and hair
  • Biology of the Skin

Barber-Stylist Written Exam

This exam will be exactly like the barber exam, but will have the extra courses related to chemicals:

  • Chemical Coloring
  • Cloaking methods involved with chemical washing
  • Protection hazards of chemical usage
  • Keeping customers satisfied while chemical treatments
  • Dying and shading hair

Barber Practical Exam

In case of practical exam your skills will be tested by using the proper barber equipment and mannequin heads that every candidate has to bring along. With these tools you will do the following tasks:

  • Initial build up and Customer Safety Protocols
  • Basic shaves
  • Hairstyling
  • Final Touches

Barber-Stylist Practical Exam

It is similar to the barber practical exam, only it has some additional barber services as follow:

  • Chemical Flapping
  • Bleaching
  • Chemical Massaging and relaxation

The Wyoming Board will issue your first official barbering license after you have successfully cleared the exams.

Step 4. Working as a Barber or Barber-Stylist in Wyoming

In Wyoming the chances for independent barbershop is likely to succeed because of the development been made in the personal appearance worker field in recent years. For that purpose you need to attain barber shop license and what better way there is to apply for Wyoming Barbershop License. Follow this simple catalogue to get your own shop license:

  • Give a Wyoming Barber Shop Application
  • Attach a detailed inspection detail and building plan
  • Give proof of $160 paid

In case instead of working independently you want to rent a chair than there are many options which will help your career in prospering.

Step 5. Renew your Wyoming Barber or Barber-Stylist License Every Year

In Wyoming the matter regarding renewal of your barbering license is taken pretty seriously. You are required to renew your license before June every year otherwise you may face many fines by the authorities or face legal issues.

You can even renew your license online or just send it via mail with a proof of $96 payment as renewing expense attached with it.

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