David Beckham’s Hairstyles Over The Years

David-Beckham-Slick-HairstyleDavid Beckham has always been seen as the man women want to end up with.

Kinda makes one wonder why he settled on Victoria as is wife, but whatever – we’ll not go into that one today.

What we are going to do is look at Beckham’s most sharpest hairstyles so that you can zero in on one that might just work for you.

<<< BTW, is it just us, or does Beckham look oddly like The Wolverine in that pic?

Roll film:

FauxHawk a la Beckham:


I guess we could call that the Noel Gallagher fauxhawk…now what does the Beckham fauxhawk look like when we do it up Sid Vicious style? This:


The Defining Moment:

david beckham hairstyle

After experimenting with a few “youthful” hairstyles, it’s at this point that Beckham chooses a cut that compliments his contours and will define most of his future cuts.

This is kind of the path he follows to the undercut and beyond…



Beckham hair

Beckham dapper


We’ve seen the David Beckham hairstyles that have totally worked for him (and can work for you), but no one is perfect, so let’s take a look at the how Beckham when from the Fauxhawk to a few Faux pas…

Legends of the Fall Davey:

david beckham lon hair

Consider this the Brad Pitt phase of David’s hairstyle history.

Whether you see Pitt as a man to emulate or not, the long hair didn’t work for him and it sure doesn’t work any better for Beckham.

Footie in the Hood:

David Beckham cornrows hairstyle


There is only ONE reason ever to get cornrows: if you ever scored a high-paying role as two-bit street pimp or coke dealer who gets high on his own supply.

While the hairstyle you see in this pic is far from cool, Beckham was pretty cool in admitting years later that he must’ve have been pretty pissed-up to have come up with the idea for cornrows and actually follow through on it.

The (Just Say No) Hawk

david beckham mohawk

Ever see the movie Romper Stomper?

‘Nuff Said.