Euro 2016: Total Hairstyle Insanity


OK. We get it.

Hockey players grow out their beards during the playoffs, so it’s only fair that footballers head onto the pitch with their own physical battle cry.

Hitting the pitch during a major tournament is considered as ritualistic as the final scene from Braveheart.

Facepaint gets a little sticky once your face starts to sweat, so the expression of barbaric intent has to be sported on one’s head.

If you want to strike fear in the hearts of your opponents, here is what’s being sported in the Euro 2016 tourney so far.

If you’re not much of an athlete, but subscribe to peacocking, this MIGHT work for you (but we kinda doubt it).


Paul Pogba

Just watched X-Men: Apocalypse. Crap movie. But Paul here would have figured nicely by the title villain’s side.


Radja Nainggolan

Remember the little Chicken-Hawk that was always after Foghorn Leghorn? Well now you do.


Phil Jones

Phil tries to emulate Aaron Ramsey aaannnddd…comes up snake-eyes (read more here)

And of course, how can a round-up of football tournament hairstyles be complete without taking a look back at some of David Beckham‘s hairstyles (see them all here).