Rise of the Man Perm: Will the Man-Bun Be Bumped?

Prince-coif-hairstyleIn our last post, we took a look at the many hairstyles that Prince rocked throughout the decades…

…and yes, a man perm was very much a part of the Purple One’s legacy.

Since  Prince’s passing we’ve been seeing a few of his styles being adopted in homage to his body of work.

Today however, we have reason to believe that a disturbance in the hairstyle force could signal the end of the man bun.

It might even signal a drop in the number of undercuts we see.

The reason why this Prince-inspried look has the potential to take off like a rage is because someone quite popular has chosen to embrace it.

How Popular?

See for yourself:

jon snow man perm

Yep, that’s Jon Snow from everyone’s favorite pseudo-medieval show, Game of Thrones.

Of course, that’s the look you know him best for.

Now here is what he looks like with a fresh new man perm:


Verdict: it works (or at least it does for Jon).

With the combination of Prince’s passing and Game of Thrones just wrapping up one of its most-watched seasons in its history, we’re predicting that the Man Perm could very well be one of the fastest rising hairstyles in the summer of 2016.