Phil Jones Hairstyle: He’s gone for the Aaron Ramsey haircut!

What exactly is up with Phil Jones’ Hairstyle?

There’s been a grave disturbance in the football force.

Or at least as far as football hairstyles are concerned.

Here is what Phil Jones and Aaron Ramsey look like when Phil is Phil and Aaron’s being, well, Aaron, like only he can:

phil jones hairstyle

Both dudes have their own thing going on and bring their own meatballs to the table.

However, reasons beyond anyone’s explanation, Phil Jones’ hairstyle has mysteriously morphed into sub-par version of Aaron’s.

Why do we say sub-par?

Well, check it out for yourself:


Somewhat underwhelming, huh?

Kinda reminds you of the fake Batmen who tried to fill in the real Batman’s shoes in Dark Knight Rises, doesn’t it?

Why this look works for Aaron:

His is perfectly kept while the hairstyle itself is stylishly rounded out with a very smart-looking beard that is perfectly pruned.

The cut also speaks to Aaron’s physical character. There’s a lot to say about how the man’s quiet intensity lends itself to the overall effect of his look.

Why this look DOES NOT work for Phil:

OK, remember how we just mentioned that ‘quiet intensity’ found in Aaron’s demeanor.

Let’s just say, that same trait isn’t found in Phil:


Our advice for the lad: grow the whole top out a bit more.

The jawline is prime for a beard, so don’t be shy…

…and don’t be trying to be Aaron Ramsey.

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Phil Jones
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