Prince’s Hairstyles Throughout The Years

Just what the hell is wrong with the year 2016 anyway?

When Lemmy Kilmeister of Motorhead passed away during the holiday season in 2015, who would’ve known that it would signal the end for David Bowie, Glen Frey, Natalie Cole, Alan Rickman, Gary Shandling and quite a few others until it finally reached Prince.

What sets Prince apart from the myriad of talented individuals we lost this year is a history of hairstyles that is every bit as prolific as his musical work.

So here’s Hairstyle Watch paying homage to the man behind some seriously infectious music by picking out our favorite Prince hairstyles and sharing them with you:


Old School look which is making a big-time comeback today


With the undercut coming on like a rage in the past couple of years, the case for going coif is made strong in this pic.


Since we’re on the subject of undercuts, here’s how Prince rocks that look.

In the end, we think London artist, Gary Card does Prince’s hairstyles the ultimate justice with this brilliant illustration that chronicles the man’s evocative hair changes from the beginning, right up to the end: