Shahid Kapoor Hairstyles: Now called Gabru & here’s a look back

shahid_kapoor_hairstyleSeveral years ago, the now departed Prince changed his name to a symbol, meaning we can’t even write here in this post because no one ever added it to any computer’s friggin’s keyboard.

Shahid Kapoor on the other hand, has reduced his name to a single word, but at least we can spell it out: Gabru.

Name changes are a big deal.

For the person making the name change, it can represent a vast sea of change in their lives.

As for us, Kapoor’s transformation into Gabru marks an opportunity to take a look back on the many hairstyles worn  by one of India’s most famous Bollywood stars.


Shahid Kapoor Hairstyle Collection:


Note about this look: the bespoke suit shines one hell of a light on that ‘do.


Some stylists would rather choke to death on their own vomit than recommend a buzz, but with a head-shape like this one and perfectly preened beard, this look kicks some pretty serious ass.