Old School Cool – 4 Vintage Haircuts Begging To Come Back

Over the past few years we’ve seen the return of the best of all vintage haircuts: the undercut, which we figure disappeared for a while simply because too many men were turning the undercut into sloppy bowl-cuts inspired by the (thankfully) dead grunge movement.

Vintage Haircut #1: The Back-Sculpt

classic mens hairstyles

In this post, you’ll see the same recurring theme – sculpting. While it hasn’t been around for quite a while (save for the rockabilly scene), and having made a brief return during the 80s, sculpting is on it’s way back in. The back-sculpt is probably the most conservative of the looks featured here.

Vintage Haircut #2 – The Pompadour

pompadour hairstyle men

So we’ve mentioned rockabillies, but they’re not the only ones rocking the pompadour these days. Hipsters are doing it. Accounting clerks are doing it. Even educated fleas do it (sorry, had to go there).

Vintage Haircut #3 – Hard & Loose Sculpt


This one works both sides of the equation. The way to work this look is to sculpt the sides and top back of the hair, and allow for the bangs to generally hang looser than the rest.

Vintage Haircut #4: The Still Life Sculpt


Unlike the back-sculpt, this one sees hair being positioned into any general direction the sculptor chooses to wear it: to the left, to the right or even on a forward-slope.